New shop offers scoops and soups

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By Melissa Indelicato

Tomorrow The Ice Cream Factory: Soups, Sandwiches and More will have it’s grand opening at 11 am.

They’ll serve everything from soft serve ice cream to seafood platters until 9 pm.

Ice cream was the furthest thing from Tammy Milner’s, owner and formal owner of The Whistle Blower Café and Deerfield Resort Restaurant, mind when she was looking for the right building to put a small café in. But when she looked into the old Lyon’s Building she knew this was a place for ice cream as well.

Soft serve, homemade and specialty ice cream will all be served either in the dining room or through a walk-up window.

“We’re still considering many options for the ice cream; maybe we’ll try mixing toppings or making milkshakes. An ice cream shop is something new to me so it’s just that much more exciting,” said Milner.

Milner decided against keeping the café open all day with the ice cream. Milner said, “I don’t want people upset with the confusing times, but it’s just too costly to keep a dining room open till nine.”

The Ice Cream Factory is located at 511 West Central Avenue, LaFollette, across from Rigg’s Drug Store and Reaches Community Health Center. See page 8A for the full hours of operation or contact them at 562-2336.