No changes for Douglas

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By Susan Sharp

Michelle Douglas had two goals on Monday.

She wanted a new attorney and she wanted out of jail. But neither one panned out for her.

Approaching the bench, David Pollard, Douglas’ court appointed attorney, said he been made aware that his client wasn’t happy with his approach to her criminal charges.

“She has expressed some disappointment with my handling of the case,” Pollard told Criminal Court Judge Shayne Sexton. It soon became evident that Douglas had sent Sexton a letter asking for a new counsel in her case.

However, Sexton wasted no time in telling Douglas that she was not entitled to fire Pollard because he was appointed, not retained in her case.

Brent Gray, who was standing in for Michael Hatmaker, with Douglas’ co-defendant Joseph Smith, said they were continuing to investigate the case and surrounding circumstances.

“We are trying to figure out if Fort Campbell wants him back,” Gray said of Smith who is enlisted with the Army.

Assistant District Attorney Scarlet Ellis told the court her understanding was that Smith’s unit was about to be deployed overseas and its plans didn’t include him.

Regarding the $250,000 bail set for Douglas, Sexton said he had not heard anything to suggest the original setting was unreasonable.