Nolan doesn't receive rose on The Bachelor; 'would do it all again'

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By Charlotte Underwood

Ella Nolan may not have received a rose, but the experience she has taken away from her time on The Bachelor has forever changed her life.

A single mom, real estate agent and hair stylist from LaFollette, Nolan has recently captured the attention of the nation with her showing on the ABC reality series.

“I would definitely do it again; it was one of the greatest experiences of my life,” Nolan said in a conference interview on Friday.

Despite the fact that she was not given a rose to move forward in the show, Nolan said she has absolutely no regrets about her time spent there.

“The women I met were incredible, Jake was incredible, the staff and everyone I came into contact with was just fabulous,” Nolan said. She said she truly felt that God put her in that position for a reason.

And while she has no regrets, she did miss being away from her young son Ethan during the show.

“It was hard to be out there, especially around my birthday, and having to call my son and him wish me happy birthday over the phone; I’ve never had to do that,” Nolan explained.

She also said it was hard for her son to meet Jake and then have to explain to him that he’s probably more than likely not going to be able to see Jake again. “Because it wasn’t a TV show to him (Ethan), it was real life, a little boy meeting a pilot, and them developing a bond together. But if I did not think that Jake was worth it, then I would have never put myself in that position, so I don’t regret it all,” Nolan said.

The first thing she did when she got back home was surprise her son at school and eat lunch with him.

Nolan said that she was not really shocked that she was going home, just that she was going at that particular time.

“I think that a woman always knows deep down whether there’s a connection that’s strong enough or not. And there were times that I thought our connection was very strong and then there were times that I didn’t. So I wasn’t really shocked when he asked me to go outside, I knew that it would be the time that I was leaving,” Nolan said. She said what shocked her most was that they didn’t have another date to see how they would interact by themselves.

“I was a little disappointed that we didn’t have more time to develop the romantic side,” Nolan admitted.

She said while it was great to have Jake meet her son and form that bond, it was also a double edged sword, because Jake and her did not get to build a romantic connection.

“I mean he got to see a side of me that none of the other women could really give him, but then again, it didn’t help us build a romantic connection,” Nolan said.

Now that she is back home with her son, Nolan said she plans to focus on him and her work.

She also said she plans to use the position that God put her in to try to touch someone’s life positively.

“I’m really big about women being confidant in who they are, and not comparing themselves with other women, and not thinking they are good enough or pretty enough,” Nolan said. She hopes to speak with high school children or to start something up with battered women’s shelters to try to build up and inspire confidence in women.

Nolan gave a valuable piece of advise for any potential bachelor or bachelorettes who might be interested in doing the show.

“To put yourself in that position, I mean is a huge, huge step. And it’s not something to take lightly, you know. I wasn’t there to play any games. I left my life here,” Nolan said, explaining that to go on the show, participants have to be ready for the commitment in the end.

“It’s not something to just go on there and fuss and fight with women and go on dates and get to travel and be on TV, I mean I didn’t see it as that. And I think that if you’re going to apply for the show, you need to do it with the right intentions,” Nolan said.