Obama’s European Voyage

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By Josh Parker

President Barack Obama has just completed his first overseas international trip in his young presidency.  

While in Europe, Obama attended the G-20 meeting in Great Britain, a NATO meeting in France, and a European Union meeting in the Czech Republic.During the same time, international events transpired that showed the naivety of Obama and the foreign policy he is implementing.  

The trip also showed how hard the American media is trying to show the glitz and glamour of Obama. Obama didn’t do himself any favors by some of the ridiculous statements he made along the way.  

Obama’s mission in Europe was two-fold; get the international community on the same page on stimulating the global economy and attempt to convince European countries to send more troops to Afghanistan. Obama tried to convince Europe that spending money you don’t have, something he’s doing a great job of here in America, is the way to lead the global economy out of the global recession. He was rebuffed by French President Nicholas Sarkozy and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. So instead, Obama and the other leaders agreed to sign a document they could agree on saying there’s a crisis, the leaders of the world are aware of it, and everybody’s going to work to try and solve the problem.  

Obama was hoping to get a significant increase in troops committed from European countries to add to troop levels in Afghanistan. You might remember Afghanistan is the forgotten war, where international and American forces continue to root out members of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  While, according to a NATO issued report, there is relative stability in the North, West, and East, fighting has intensified in the South dramatically over the past two years in Afghanistan, with the Taliban making small gains in the southern part of the country. An increased amount of forces would stifle the gains of the Taliban and allow the NATO led forces to maintain their positions and root out the Taliban in the South.  Obama’s charming diplomacy failed miserably.  In typical European arrogance, they rebuffed Obama on the issue of a significant increase in European troops.

While watching the evening news or reading the national newspapers, you may not have even noticed Obama was on the trip for official business.

The mainstream media was busy portraying Obama as a rock star and social butterfly. There was footage of Obama meeting with the Queen of England, pictures that showed the crowds as the motorcade sped by, and endless, ridiculous talk of whether Michelle Obama was going sleeve or sleeveless for the many social gatherings the Obamas attended. I wish the media was as concerned with the threat that our enemies pose to us as they are with what dress Michelle is going to wear.  

With a couple of stinging policy defeats at the hands of European leaders, Obama didn’t help himself with the bilateral meetings he had with heads of state. The most disturbing was when news footage, seen on Fox News, showed Obama bowing to the Saudi King. The President of the United States should not bow to any head of state!   

To top off the trip, Obama made a huge mistake. At an event in Turkey, a Muslim nation, Obama said “We do not consider ourselves a Christian nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens.”  

America is not a Christian nation, according to Obama, yet “under God” is in our Pledge of Allegiance and “In God We Trust” is on our currency.  I don’t understand why Obama would make such a ridiculous statement.  I guess he was afraid to infuriate his support among far left Liberals.  

One tough decision Obama was facing has now been solved. The new White House dog will be a Portuguese water dog named Bo.  

Now, maybe we can get on with the serious business of running a country.