Obama's Health care plan a disaster for U.S

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By Josh Parker

Healthcare has been all the talk in our nation’s capitol the last few weeks.

President Barack Obama and his Liberal friends in Congress have been meeting in private lately, trying to hatch out an agreement on universal, government paid and mandated healthcare. Of course, there’s a lot wrong with universal run healthcare, which we will get into later, but the debate in Washington has shown lies and broken promises between candidate Obama and President Obama. Also, the burdens that will be passed down to the states, including Tennessee, will be unbearable financially.

There are a lot of things wrong with the current healthcare bill and the process. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Liberal leaders in Congress, along with President Obama, have attempted to rush a bill to passage, cramming it down people’s throats, just to meet an artificial deadline. The hope was to pass a bill by the end of this week before Congress adjourns to go on their month long vacation. Luckily, there are some good, Conservative Democrats that are standing up to their leaders in Congress and the President by telling them to slow down and actually pay for it instead of borrowing another $1 trillion dollars that we don’t have. Mike Ross, a Democrat from Arkansas, has taken the lead role in negotiations trying to get his Liberal leaders to walk back from the brink of outright Socialism in America. I would urge our Congressman, Lincoln Davis, to tell us where he stands on the bill right now. Now is not a time for members to simply lay low and see what happens.

President Obama, when he was Candidate Obama, said hearings on healthcare would be conducted live on C-SPAN so the American public could see what interests were being represented. It was all part of his “most transparent” administration in history. Have you seen any of the negotiations on TV? No you haven’t. Obama has been sending his negotiators to Capitol Hill to meet privately and behind closed doors to try and reach an agreement that everyone could agree to. That’s not being transparent Mr. President. When he was candidate Obama, he was quick to criticize the former administration of President George W. Bush of being shrouded in secrecy. Well President Obama, open up the negotiations to the healthcare bill and you can attempt to reclaim the ‘high road’ on transparency in your Administration. Until then, your pledge was just another empty promise and campaign pledge broken.

The flaws in the process of the healthcare legislation having been discussed, let’s look at the proposed legislation itself. Of course, the bill is over 1,200 pages long and who knows what the final product will look like. But we have a general outline of principles that Obama and Pelosi want to see implemented. It all boils down to one simple question. Do you want a government bureaucrat in Washington, D.C. deciding what medical treatment or course of medical action is needed, despite what your physician says? I don’t! I trust my primary physician a lot more than government bureaucrats. And let’s be clear, do we want the same government bureaucracy that brought us the incompetence and slowed response to Hurricane Katrina to be over the healthcare of citizens in America? I don’t! Government is not the answer to all our problems.

At a breakfast meeting recently, Mayor Bill Haslam of Knoxville discussed the impact that Tennessee would experience if President Obama’s proposed healthcare legislation was to pass. Tennessee, according to Haslam, would be responsible for $700 million to $1 billion dollars worth of new, recurring expenditures every year. Now, if you’ll remember, Tennessee just closed a $1.2 billion dollar budget shortfall this past year. In fact, Mayor Haslam quoted our own Democrat Governor Phil Bredesen as saying if the proposed legislation passes; it would be the ‘mother of all unfunded mandates’.