October Indictments

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The following indictments were returned last week by the Campbell County Grand Jury:

Stacy I. Paul – two counts promotion meth manufacture

Kennifer Wilson Smith and Mark Anthony Smith – sale of schedule II in drug free zone, delivery of schedule II in drug free zone, felony evading arrest, two counts aggravated assault, felony possession drug paraphernalia (Kennifer Wilson Smith), mitigates criminal littering (Kennifer).

Wile Mullins and Michael Waldroop – initiation process of manufacturing meth (Mullins), promotion meth manufacture (Waldroop)

Aaron Burnette – driving suspended license

Kevin Wilson – false imprisonment, vandalism, aggravated assault, evading arrest

Anthony M. Bowman – reckless driving, disorderly conduct

Aaron Bell – driving revoked license, felony evading arrest, violation financial responsibility law, violation registration law

Aaron Bell – public intoxication

Darrell W. Riggs – promotion meth manufacture, felony possession drug paraphernalia, possession of marijuana, intent to sell, possess of marijuana, intent to deliver, contributing to delinquency of a minor

Louis E. Goodman – resisting arrest, vandalism, assault

Larry W. Thacker – domestic assault, vandalism

Eric P. Marcum –theft less than $500

Terry S. Massengill – possession burglary tools, burglary, theft less than $500, vandalism, escape

Kristy S. Adkins – theft less than $500

David L. Foust – violation sex offender registry, aggravated criminal trespass, false report

Eric Paul Marcum – theft $500 - $1000, felony evading arrest

Aaron Bell – theft $1000 - $10,000, driving revoked license

Charles W. Vaughn Jr. –assault

Aaron Bell – driving revoked license, violation financial responsibility, violation registration law, theft less than $500

Sabastian Lowery – theft less than $500, promotion of meth manufacture

Aaron K. Burnette – burglary, theft $1000 - $10,000

Joseph Odell, David Odell and Chester Toler – theft more than $60,000, burglary

Sammy R. Nelson – aggravated assault, domestic assault

Robbie Powers – driving under influence, possession of handgun while under the influence, leaving scene of accident

Aaron Bell – theft $500 - $1000

David Odell – evading arrest, resisting arrest

Jonathan Keathley – domestic assault, assault

Anthony M. Bowman – theft $1000 - $10,000

Charles W. Vaughn Jr. – domestic assault, false imprisonment, resisting arrest

Charles W. Vaughn Jr. – aggravated stalking

There were three sealed arraignments and four no true bills returned.