Ogg charged with sexual battery

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By Charlotte Underwood

Mark Anthony Ogg, 40, of 136 Perkins Lane, Jacksboro, was charged with sexual battery for a crime he allegedly committed on Sept. 9.

On that Wednesday, around 5 p.m., Ogg allegedly grabbed a female on her left breast without her permission, according to a Jacksboro Police report.

The report also stated Ogg knew at the time that he did not have the victim’s permission to touch her, yet he did so anyway, according to Detective Mike Starrett’s.

Ogg was arrested on Sept. 16 and charged with sexual battery. He was released from the county jail on Sept. 17 on $2,000 bond.

Sexual battery is a class E felony, according to the Tennessee Code Annotated. It is punishable by up to $3,000 in fines and six years in prison.