Pack granted bond reduction

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By Susan Sharp

While facing additional charges, Phillip Pack used his day in court to request a reduction in his bail.

Pack and his brother, Russell Pack, are being held on second-degree murder charges in the death of Jayne Love.

On Monday, Phillip Pack appeared in criminal court for arraignment on narcotics possession and meth charges.

After pleading not guilty to those, Judge Shayne Sexton allowed Pack’s bond reduction motion to be heard.

With the bond set at $400,000, Senior District Attorney General Mike Ripley said prosecutors were opposed to any decrease.

Interrupting the hearing, a man rose from the audience walking towards the front of the courtroom carrying what appeared to be a legal pad.

“Your honor may I approach the bench,” the man, later identified as Love’s brother, Paul Terry, asked.

Sexton immediately said no as a bailiff had Terry return to his seat.

“A $400,000 bond is no bond,” attorney Keith Hatfield said on behalf of Pack. He suggested a more moderate bond of $50,000.

Explaining Pack had many ties to Campbell County, Hatfield added the accused murderer was also broke. For that reason, he had no financial means to flee and his lack of money was also a reason for the motion to reduce Pack’s bond, according to Hatfield.

Presenting the state’s reason for opposing the motion, Ripley said Pack’s lifestyle was  sufficient reason.

Pack has no dependents, no job, and lengthy criminal history that involved meth.

“He has a tendency to get himself arrested,” Ripley said of Pack. “The amount of bail is sufficient in this case.”

Ruling in the matter, Sexton said the current bond of $400,000 was “a bit high” when compared to cases with comparable charges. However, Sexton added Pack had “no meaningful presence in the community when he is out.”

Pack’s bond was reduced to $200,000.

As Terry left the courtroom, he said, out of earshot of Sexton, “I hope he gets out. You all have it coming to you.”

On Tuesday morning, Terry said when he attempted to approach Sexton during the hearing, it was with good intentions only.

His hope was to show the judge a picture of Love, he said.