Pediatric Consultants moves to keep growing

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By Susan Sharp

The growing process can be painful at times. However, it can also open new doors.

That is what it has done for Pediatric Consultants. In fact, the recent growth of the clinic has opened five new doors- to additional exam rooms.

Earlier this week, the clinic celebrated its first day of business at its new location. Over the weekend, Dr. Shahid Hasnain and his staff worked to transfer equipment, records, and other items to their new home located at 136 Mountain Perkins Lane, Suite 2, Jacksboro.

Their efforts were a labor of love.

“We will now have the luxury of scheduling more patients,” the doctor said. “The Jacksboro clinic will have 10 exam rooms which will make a world of difference.”

While the actual move was completed in a weekend, the plan to change locations had been in the works for a while.

Pediatric Consultants opened in 1998 with four exam rooms. Shortly after opening, the practice had grown to the point Hasnain felt compelled to vacate his office making it an exam room, he said. This proved to be a temporary solution as the doctor and his staff continued to search for a larger space.

When the new space became open, Hasnain said they “jumped on it.”

The location is not the only change patients will see.

An electronic medical records system will be utilized. Hasnain hopes this will bring even more efficiency to the daily operations of the clinic he refers to as his “baby.”

Now looking to the future, Hasnain and his staff are excited about what it holds.

Aside from the new building, Hasnain and Jamie Davis, nurse practitioner, are in the process of interviewing, other pediatricians. They hope to be able to make this addition to the practice soon.

“This is a win- win situation,” he said.