Pits bulls destroyed following attack on neighbor

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By Natasha LaFayette

Four dogs are dead and one woman is recovering from severe wounds following a Tuesday afternoon attack.


Around 1 p.m. Campbell County Sheriff’s deputy Darrell Mongar reported to the scene of a dog attack in Caryville. The offense report states two of the four Pit Bulls were locked inside the owner’s trailer on Enix Lane.

The owner of the residence left the animals in the trailer on Monday and had not returned home, the report states.

“The dogs got out, started biting the victim near her front porch,” said Mongar.

The victim, Carletta Bailey, 37, is a neighbor of the dog owner and was outside when she saw two of the dogs come around the corner of her house. Bailey said she saw  the dogs were coming straight for her and she ran to get into her truck. In the past, Bailey said she had been friendly with the dogs, never encountering a problem.

As one of the dogs jumped and grabbed her by the spine, the other grabbed her leg and began pulling her down, she said.

“It only lasted for 10 minutes, but I thought I was going to die,” said Bailey who received a total of 14 stitches for various puncture wounds over her entire body.

“By the time the victim’s neighbor heard the attack, the dogs had drug the victim across the driveway,” said Mongar.

The neighbor shot at both of the dogs with a .22 revolver. One of the animals was wounded on the right front paw and the second was shot in the mouth and chest area, killing the dog, the incident report said.

Bailey said her neighbor fired three shots in the air before the dogs let go of her. As she tried to get away from the animals they continued to pursue her, she said.

“They were dragging me back to their house,” said Bailey about the dog’s home where two other Pit Bulls chained up outside. “It was so scary. I can still see the dogs face in my face.”

After Mongar arrived on the scene, one of the Pit Bulls being held on a chain, bit the front tire of his car causing it to go flat, he said.

Bailey was taken to St. Mary’s for bite wounds to both legs, both arms, left hand and buttocks, said Mongar.

“The victim has been treated and released for multiple bites,” said Sheriff Gary Perkins of the victim’s condition.

LaFollette Animal Control Officer Stan Foust and Campbell County Animal Control Officer Otis Poor were both called to the scene to assist with the animals.

The dogs were “very aggressive” and fought with officers throughout the ordeal, according to Foust.

All four of the dogs were taken to the Campbell County Animal Shelter where the three remaining live ones were put down, said Betty Crumley, animal shelter director.

“These dogs were so aggressive the decision was made for the community to put them down,” she said. Crumley said shelter policy is to hold animals for three days but given the behavior of the dogs and the brutality of the attack, these animals were destroyed within hours of the assault. “They were deemed a danger,” she said.

Perkins said the victim knew the dogs and had petted them previously, even called them by name, Cain and Abel.

“I knew these dogs, I have even fed them and loved on them,” said Bailey. “It was the scariest thing I ever went through in my life.”

Because the owner had put the dogs up and they accidentally got out, there may not be any criminal charges filed, said Perkins.

Mongar will be working with the district attorney to see if any charges could be filed, said Perkins.

But most likely the case will be handled civilly, said Perkins.

The county animal shelter is in contact with the dog owner and is processing the deceased animals for rabies, said Perkins.

The animals each weighed about 100 pounds with one of them tipping the scales at 150 pounds. Crumley said.

“The heads look like calf heads,” said Crumley of the dogs.

The case is still under investigation by the sheriff’s department.