Police say vandal who allegedly spray painted lewd words on sign caught ‘green-handed’

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By Sam Smith

JACKSBORO—Travis Troy England, 313 East Walden St., LaFollette, has been charged with littering and vandalism under $500. The 23-year-old was seen Nov. 6 near midnight by police officer Adam Southern of the LaFollette Police Department, according to police reports.
England was near 410 South Indiana Ave. when he was observed spray-painting road signs. Reportedly at the intersection of South Indiana Ave. and East Elm Street, England had spray-painted the words “F— Duck” on a stop sign, according to reports. Officer Southern later located England walking along River Drive, where he allegedly had green and blue paint stains on his pants and fingertips.
Upon being questioned, England allegedly said he was “mad at a guy named ‘Duck’” and was seeking revenge where the man would notice, according to reports.
England allegedly said he had tossed the paint canister in the grass by a house when he heard Southern’s approach. Southern located the canister, “John Deere Green” color, and he placed England under arrest.
England was transported to the Campbell County Jail for booking.