Police sieze cash, car during execution of search warrant

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By Beth Braden

A LaFollette man is in jail after police reportedly found 30 grams, more than $200 worth, of marijuana and other drug paraphernalia at his home.

Last Friday, LaFollette Police Department officers raided the home of Vincent Szymanski, 32, of 310 West Hemlock Lane.

“It’s been basically an ongoing investigation for the past several weeks,” said Det. Steve Walland with the LaFollette Police Department.

Besides the marijuana, officers reportedly found glass pipes, Zig Zag wraps, metal pipes, digital scales, packaging materials, baggies, and a garbage bag with drug residue.

“We found a book, one of them real thick, hard back books with the inside of it cut out where he had stuff stored in it,” Walland said.

Additionally, Szymanski allegedly stored cash inside of an empty DVD case.

Beyond the paraphernalia, officers also seized Szymanski’s 1997 Ford S10 truck and $659 in cash. $110 of the cash matched serial numbers on money from undercover deals arranged by the LaFollette Police Department.

Szymanski was arrested and charged with possession of a schedule VI controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.