POPPIN’ virtual tags: Facebook thrift shop thrives for county’s Internet entrepreneurs

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CAMPBELL COUNTY—From flip-flops to houses, anything that is “legal” to buy or sell in Campbell County can be found at the Facebook-based “Campbell County Online Thrift Shop.”
Megan Lashea Skeans started the group about 14 months ago in order to help people in Campbell County come together and sell extra items they no longer need, and assist people who are struggling financially find what they need at “yard sale prices.”
“Myself, having three kids, I’m always finding things to get rid of,” Skeans said via Facebook. “And it also helps families to make extra money.”
Group members post pictures of what they have for sale. These pictures appear in other members’ Facebook newsfeeds.
“It works by adding pictures/ descriptions to the page and when it (sells) you meet in a safe place,” Skeans said.
Sellers can advertise the condition of their items as new with tags (NWT) or excellent used condition (EUC). They can also ask for a certain price or accept the best offer (OBO), according to Skeans and group member Chantena Cook.
Those interested in purchasing items can post comments underneath pictures. They offer prices, ask about the condition of the items or arrange meetings. Often the seller or buyer will ask to be messaged privately.
With the help of Kimberly Bowling—who was made an administrator for the group about four months ago—Skeans attempts to keep up with and delete old posts.
When Skeans began the site, nothing like it was available, she said. But she has gotten good feedback from people about the group since then.
“It has been a great page to buy and (sell),” Skeans said.
Though Skeans started the Campbell County Online Thrift Shop, she wants it to be a community group, and not her group.
“Please remember that this is not my group, but our group,” Skeans and Cook posted on the group’s page. “We all have to work together.”
Campbell County Online Thrift Shop has grown to about 4,600 members. Each member can approve those interested in joining. Once a part of the group, people can begin shopping.
There are other local shopping-oriented Facebook groups such as Campbell County Swap & Shop, which has 1,822 members, and Campbell County Furniture and Stuff, with 1,104.