Powers defeats Kidwell to win second term as Tennessee Representative

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By Beth Braden

Campbell County was overwhelmingly in favor of reelecting 36th district state representative Dennis Powers for his second election.

“I just feel very fortunate and thankful for the people giving me this opportunity,” Powers said. “It’s been a great experience.

In Campbell County, Powers received 8,609 votes. Kidwell received only 2,240. The 80/20 split was consistent across the district, according to Powers.

Powers said he wants to continue working on the “good things” currently in the works, such as the “I hate meth act,” and the “pill mill bill.”

“Jobs and economy are the number one problems,” he added.

“We’ve got a lot of businesses looking at our area, but they want a highly skilled, trained work force when they come in,” he said. Working with the governor, colleges, technical schools and the economic development board could help educate citizens for high-tech jobs, he said.

Powers is also working on a bill called “Lynn’s Law” that would make it illegal to abandon impaired adults in Tennessee. The move comes after 19-year-old Lynn Cameron, a disabled woman from Illinois was abandoned by her mother in at a Caryville bar. Because Cameron was legally an adult, the state had little recourse to prosecute her guardian.

“We’re gonna try to make sure it doesn’t happen again and if somebody does it, they’re gonna be prosecuted and there won’t be any vagueness about it,” said Powers.