The public doesn’t want second hand exposure

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By Susan Sharp


On Monday, I was in criminal court watching a multitude of local offenders have their time with Judge Shayne Sexton.

Among those was a young woman standing shackled trying to explain to him why she had attempted to fake a drug screen. She then begged him to set her bond so she could be released from jail and go back to her job that happened to be at local place that serves food.

As the judge told her she had probably already lost her job, he asked if her employer was aware of her meth conviction and use. Her reply was a simple yes, which Sexton said, was wrong. He said in his summation, the employer probably had no knowledge of the meth issues.

As I sat there listening to this I was appalled that someone who puts common household products into their body for the sake of high was touching food- food she then served to other people.

Watching that scenario play out prompted a conclusion for me: if you are using meth, making meth or even remotely involved with the drug do the public a favor and stay home.

Those who do not indulge in mixing kitchen cleanser, cold tablets and battery acid to get high don’t want the second hand exposure.

Meth is perhaps the deadliest drug known at this time. If as an addict, you have no qualms in using it that is your decision.

However, understand the people who do not use meth are also making the decision not to have it ruin their lives.

We don’t want to stand in line next to you at the supermarket after you have completed a fresh cook and the vapors linger on your clothes. We don’t wish to see the meth sores that cover your body and emit a stench.

And most of all, we certainly do not want you touching the food that our children or we are going to consume.

While your behavior is self destructive at the least it is also illegal.

As Judge Sexton finished his time with the woman he sentenced her to spend 120 days in jail for her probation violation. She stood there seemingly shocked this had happened.

“You have been given six months of rope and frankly you have wrapped it around your neck,” he said sending her away.

If you are addicted to meth that is the monster you invited into your life.

Don’t subject anyone else to your predicament under the guise of trying to lead a normal life. The only person you are kidding is yourself and no one else needs to pay the price for your crimes.