Public Records Aug. 2, 2012

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



JULY 23 – JULY 27

John D. Fitzgerald and Janice A. Fitzgerald to William Todd McDonald and Cathy Ann McDonald, Dist. 2, $55,000.

Mark Pack and Jo Ella Pack to David J. Gaillard and Judith Gaillard, Dist. 3, $387,000.

Paul J. Heatherly to Campbell County Board of Education, Dist. 1, $0.

William Terry Teague and Beverly G. Teague to RH2 LLC., Dist. 2, $750,000.

Mary Paige Strickland and Owen Philip Hatmaker to Michael Macasek and Cynthia M. Macasek, Dist. 2, $63,000.

William Edward Green and Nancy A. Green to Dean A. Davis and Alicia M. Davis, Dist. 1, $320,000.



JULY 23 – JULY 30

Thomas Miller v. Kara Miller, divorce.

Tommy N. Clark v. Judy G. Clark Roara, divorce.

Curtis B. Smith v. Virginia Ann Smith, divorce.

Roger A. Adkins v. Nancy P. Adkins, divorce.

Jay Cline v. Danny L. Cornett, order of protection.

Lisa Ellison v. James Ellison, order of protection.

Gary E. Evans v. Chrystal Beth Harris Evans, order of protection.

Chrystal Beth Evans v. Gary E. Evans, order of protection.

Sarah Elizabeth Braden v. Michael “Todd” Martin, order of protection.

Heaven Hill v. Eric J. Goins, order of protection.



JULY 23 – JULY 30

Jon Allen May and Judy Lynn Brown, 520 Shawnee Drive, Jacksboro.

Logan David Stevens and Anna Lee Moody, 505 W. Hemlock St., LaFollette.

David L. Styer and Ann J. Snyder Wilson, P.O. Box 112 Frederick Town, Ohio.



JULY 22 – JULY 30

Habib Abdulhay Agele, 36, 6425 Bankside 2052, Houston, Texas, lane restriction, traffic control device.

Edward Asbury, 37, 107 North Mountain Lane, LaFollette, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Elizabeth Ann Ault, 38, 109 B. Chestnut Ave., Lake City, court imposed to serve time.

Kenneth D. Blankenblicker, 33, 275 Pony Drive, Jacksboro, violation of probation.

Earl B. Bolton, 71, 409 South 3 rd. St., Williamsburg, Ky., failure to maintain control of a vehicle, driving under the influence, violation implied consent law, violation of the Tennessee financial law, and driving while suspended.

Joshua Adam Brandenburg, 25, 132 Jones Trailer Park, LaFollette, violation of probation, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant.

Jerry Wayne Bryant, 50, 230 Douglas Ave., Wodbine, Ky., capias/bench warrant.

Amy Collene Carter, 40, 9148 Cedarpark Lane, Apt. D, Knoxville, driving left of center, driving under the influence, drivers to exercise due care.

Dona Ann Correia, 37, 263 Davis Road, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Danny Daugherty, 36, 880 Patty Hill Road, Caryville, attachment child support.

Derick Billy Davis, 19, 203 W. Walden St., LaFollette, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, burglary, vandalism.

Richard Stelly Davis, 36, 1116 Sugar Hollow Road, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant.

Michael James Dilbeck, 45, 278 Dilbeck Lane, Caryville, disorderly conduct.

Robert Gaylor Douglas Jr., 39, 120 Gamble Lane, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant.

Jeremie Dople Duran, 29 S. Tennessee St., LaFollette, driving while revoked, violation light law, violation of the Tennessee financial law.

Gary Evans, 41, 5106 S. Highway 25, LaFollette, domestic violence by assault.

Angela Renee Everette, 45, 119 B. Dossett Lane, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant, no driver’s license.

Stephen Wayne Everette, 9148 Cedarpark Lane, Knoxville, public intoxication.

Patrick Jonathon Fournier, 44, 839 Beachgrove, Lake City, driving under the influence, violation of the Tennessee financial law, driving left of center, drivers to exercise due care.

Rocky Lane Gibson, 53, 1078 S. Highway 25 W., LaFollette, theft of property under $500, fraudulent use of a credit card, violation of probation.

Shawn Paul Goins, 26, 712 Cross Valley Road, LaFollette, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Chris Tyce Hamblin, 40, 237 Pleasant Drive, LaFollette, probation revocation warrant, domestic violence by assault,  evading arrest, assault.

Brian Matthew Hawkins, 30, 311 Mountain Road, Caryville, violation of probation.

Manuel Hernandez, 19, 624 Water St., Lexington, Ky.,  speeding in a construction zone, no driver’s license, violation registration law.

Danielle Brook Herron, 24, 117 Free Will Lane, Speedwell, theft of property $1,000- $9,999, theft of property $500 - $999.

Loretta L. Herron, 32, 175 Tanbark Lane, Caryville, violation light law, possession of a controlled substance.

Samuel Scott Hill, 22, 127 Lacey Lane, Caryville, capias/bench warrant.

Billy Ray Hughes, 54, 291 Howard Road, LaFollette, possession of a schedule II controlled substance, driving under the influence, possession of a handgun under the influence.

Amber Leann Johnson, 24, Crown Point Apt. 103, Jacksboro, theft of property $500 - $999.

Darrell Johnson, 36, 311Walden Ridge, Caryville, evading arrest, hold for another agency.

Cameron Lee Jones, 30, 708 East Beech Street, LaFollette, felony evading arrest, reckless endangerment.

Sarai Keelean, 30, 5301 N. Ozark, Knoxville, possession of a controlled substance, possession of a legend drug, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Christopher W. Kimberland, 26, 111 Sharp Circle, Apt. 190, LaFollette, attachment child support,

Charles Cecil King, 41, South Main Street, Jellico, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant, public intoxication.

Justin Michael Kirby, 32, 713 Land Mark Road, Jacksboro, domestic assault.

Timothy K. Kirk, 44, 167 Beals Lane, LaFollette, driving while suspended, violation of the Tennessee financial law.

Terry Michael Lawson, 44, 736 Queener Road, Apt. C5, Jacksboro, domestic assault.

Angela Denise Lay, 36, 422 Shady Pine Lane, Newcomb, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant, violation of probation.

Floyd Eugene Lee, 39, 185 N. Purdue Avenue, Oak Ridge, capias/bench warrant, attachment child support.

Wanda Louise Madison, 39, 409 Cherry St., LaFollette, driving while revoked/suspended (third offense), seatbelt law, violation of the Tennessee financial law, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jerry Dewayne Maney, 36, 510 Mt. View Road, Robbins, hold for another agency.

Vickie Diane Marlow, 39, 1524 Beach Grove Lane, Lake City, attachment child support.

Labreeska L. Martin, 33, 375 Cumberland Overlook Lane, violation of probation.

Michael Jason Martin, 40, 503 W. 4 th. St., LaFollette, theft of property $500 -$999.

Michael Todd Martin, 33 204 Cove Circle, Caryville, aggravated assault by domestic violence, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault.

Jennifer Garner, McKeehan, 45, 5726 E. Emory Road, Knoxville, driving while suspended, driving under the influence, leaving scene of accident, violation of the implied consent law.

Aaron John Nelson, 78, 2857 Pinecrest Road, Jacksboro, driving under the influence, failure to yield right of way.

Matthew S. Norton, 22, 500 N. 7 th. St., LaFollette, violation of probation.

Christopher Brian Perkins, 30, 1321 Jacksboro Pike, Jacksboro, court imposed to serve time.

Clifton George Pierce-Neal, 32, 109 Brookfield Drive, Clinton, public intoxication, disorderly conduct.

Rhonda Gayle Poston, 33, 154 Tyson Lane, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Matthew Wayne Pritchard, 22, 373 Big Springs Road, Onieda, driving a vehicle injurious to roadway, hold for another agency.

Gregory d. Ridenour, 50, 584 Laurel Branch Road, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Willie Roark Jr., 51, 296 Bark Lane, Speedwell, aggravated assault.

Steven Salyers, 23, 304 W. Iron St., LaFollette, public intoxication.

Carla Leann Siler, 27, 409 N. 15 th. St., LaFollette, capias.

Jeff Steven Sisler, 33, 203 Owen Lane, Speedwell, promotion of meth manufacture, criminal trespassing, failure to obey a police officer.

Danny Lee Sisson, 63, 1148 Davis Chapel, LaFollette, driving while revoked, violation of the Tennessee financial law.

David Edward Slayback, 208 Abiline Circle, Jacksboro, domestic violence by assault.

Timothy Cory Smelser, 20, 555 Gladesprings Road, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant.

Roy W. Steakley, 44, 263 Davis Road, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant.

Larry Wayne Thacker, 43, homeless, aggravated assault by domestic violence, retaliation past action, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, criminal trespassing.

Casey Deshae Walden, 33, 714 Queener Road, Jacksboro, violation of probation.

Nathan E. Ward, 24, 321 Countryside Circle, Jacksboro, court imposed to serve time.

Clyde Elmo Watson Jr., 44, 4891 S. 25 W., LaFollette, driving while revoked/suspended (third offense), violation of the Tennessee financial law, seatbelt law.

Daniel S. Weaver, 29, 1009 Vivian Ave., Lake City, capias/bench warrant.

Carlos Doug Webb, 25, 3078 Mountain Road, Robbins, hold for another agency.

Shanna Michelle Wells, 40, 111 N. 21 Street, Apt. 302, LaFollette, criminal trespassing.

Jackson Tyler White, 21, 708 E. Central Ave., LaFollette, driving while revoked, violation of the Tennessee financial law, seatbelt law, hold for another agency.

Roberta Ann White, 34, 258 John McGhee Boulevard, Caryville, under $500.

Gerald Thomas Wilson, 47, 443 Loop Road, Caryville, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant.

Tabitha L. Wilson, 24, 1116 Glade Springs Road, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Mark Alvin Winterberg, 27, 1405 Glade Springs Road, LaFollette, hold for another agency.

Michael Kelly Worley, 709 Kentucky St., Jellico, violation of probation.

David Michael Wright, 30, 707 Cherry St., here for court date.

Phillip Thomas Young, 293 Ausmus Hollow Road, Speedwell, here for court date.