Public Records Aug. 30, 2012

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.




Herbert Tamer, Beverly Loy and Mitchell Loy to Carl W. Stiner and Tommy C. Stiner, Dist. 1, $32,000.

United States Housing and Urban Development to Rodney L. Carter, Dist. 3, $22,000.

J. Clavin Ward to Christopher C Santiago and Katie J. Santiago, Dist. 3, $119,000.

Frank C. Fuller and Susan B. Fuller to Roger T. Boeke and Brenda A. Boeke, Dist 2, $335,000.

Roger Lester Ridenour and Joan Evelyn Ridenour to Roger Lester Ridenour, Dist. 2.

Samuel David Hawkins and Ellen Esther Hawkins to Tasha L. Hammac and Daniel Austin Hammac, Dist. 3, $115,000.

Mark Guidry and Tammy Guidry to DM2 Realty, Dist. 3, $825,000.

Chris Maggard and Polly W. Maggard to Ronald R. Weidner, Shelia M. Weidner, Justin Klump and Nicole Klump, Dist. 2, $300,200.

Matthew Wahl and Cathy Wahl to Michael R Reece, Dist 3, $132,900.

Robert Edward Angel and Shanna Beth Angel to Michael Riley and April Riley, Dist. 3, $149,500.

Calvin Ward to Melony Dykes and April Dykes, Dist. 3, $103,500.

Stephen Glessner Channell and Laura Ann Channell to John Randolph Thomas and Jennifer Ann Thomas, Dist, 2, $35,087.

Gary Carroll and Teresa Carroll to Cuemyle Hale, Dist. 1, $20,000.

Thomas Alan Bradley and Susan Owens Bradley to George W Keyes and Sherry Keyes, Dist. 2, $296,000.





Craig R. Allen to Green Tree Servicing, Dist. 1, $21,288.07





Don Taylor, Jr. v. Melissa Lynn Taylor, divorce.

Jessica Elaine Mae Wilkerson v. Ronald T Wilkerson II, divorce.

Arnold Ivey v. Marty Jackson, order of protection.

Debra Lawson v. Amanda Shears Ackerman, order of protection.

Debra Lawson v. Gail Turner, order of protection.

April Flaherty v. Jason Flaherty, order of protection.







David Dewayne Allen, 43, 173 West Catula, Duff, violation of probation.

Debra Lynn Allen, 42, 520 E. Kentucky Ave., LaFollette, reckless endangerment, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gregory Keith Ball, 36, 134 E. Davis Lane, Jellico, seatbelt law, driving while revoked, failure to carry and exhibiting driver’s license, violation registration law.

Doris Kay Brooks, 49, 114 W. Chestnut Street, LaFollette, vandalism, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.

Holly Nicole Cathy, 25, 2912 Oswald Road, Knoxville, disorderly conduct, public intoxication.

Elivd Avam Costillo, 24, 119 E. Carwill, Knoxville, driving under influence, violation of Tennessee financial law, no driver’s license.

Karen Lynn Dople, 35, P.O. Box 208, Emilyn, Ky., driving while suspended, violation registration law, violation of Tennessee law, capias.

Charles David Evins, 49, 304 Jana Court, Clinton, driving while revoked/suspended.

Tasha Lynn Farmer, 23, 509 N. 19th Street, LaFollette, capias.

Crystal Audrey Gann, 20, 6105 Little Madison Way, Knoxville, open container law, violation implied consent law, under age consumption.

Tiffini Gilson, 23, 6011 Hickvalley Road, Andersonville, theft of property $10,000-$59,999.

Shawn Paul Goins, 26, 712 Cross Valley Road, LaFollette, theft of property $1,000-$9,999.

Kevin Alan Grabow, 27, 5790 General Carl Stiner Highway, LaFollette, capias.

Joseph Dewayne Harmon, 28, 1522 Melvin Hollow Road, Pioneer, hold for another agency.

Lindsey Brooke Holmes. 20, 129 Cherokee Trail, Jacksboro, driving left of center, driving while suspended.

Douglas E. King. 43, 614 East Beech Street, LaFollette, driving while revoked.

Nancy A. Lawson, 20, 1233 Calhaway, Knoxville, public intoxication.

Eric Jay Malicoat, 35, 200 Smith Oaks Lane, Jacksboro, violation of probation, capias, attachment child support.

Joshua Monholland, 26, 5510 Colonial Circle, Knoxville, failure to obey police officer, criminal trespassing.

Dusty Arloraine Napier, 31, 307 Rose Hill Drive, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

John Michael Oris,  49, 215 Burning Mountain Drive, LaFollette,  capias.

Charles Owens, 18, 344 Staten Lane, LaFollette, aggravated burglary, theft of property $1,000-$9,999.

Randy A .Partin, 19, 410 N. 7th St., LaFollette, capias.

Brandy P. Penny, 30, 510 E. Beech St., LaFollette, assault, disorderly conduct, retaliation past action.

Paul Ray Penny, Jr, 27, 510 E. Beech St., LaFollette, violation of order of protection.

Paul Ray Penny, Sr., 56, 510 E. Beech St., LaFollette, disorderly conduct, retaliation past action.

Darrell Lynn Powers, 53, 664 Halls Ridge Road, Speedwell, possession of schedule III controlled substance, public intoxication.

William Skyler Shepard, 22, 266 Dog Wood Lane, Maynardville, court imposed to serve time.

Brian Lynn Sipos, 40, 205 Kilgore Circle, LaFollette, driving while suspended, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jonathan Ray Smith, 22, 1086 Bethlehem Road, LaFollette, driving while suspended, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation registration law, seatbelt law.

Lyle Jerry Thompson, 27, 1030 Highway 233 North, Gray, Ky., court imposed to serve time.

Shawn Tyler, 29, 1845 Highway 204, Williamsburg, Ky., court imposed to serve time.

Bobby Garland Webb, 48, 26A Middleton Road, Cranks Ky., public intoxication.

Jackson Tyler White, 21, 708 East Central Avenue, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Jason Keith Wilson, 34, 102 Hazel Wood Lane, Jacksboro, hold for another agency.