Public Records -Feb. 14, 2013

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


FEB. 3 – FEB. 11

William B. Rains to William E. Baird, Dist. 3. $2,400.

Trimbach Properties Limited Partnership to Jeffrey L. Trantino and Lynn Trantino, Dist. 1, $210,000.

Marie Ayers to Paul Daniel Stafford, Dist. 1, $30,000.

Benjamin Michael Rogers, Jimmy Franklin Rogers, Lori Johnson to Michael Evans and Rebecca Evans, Dist. 1, $87,500.

Michael Leach to Jody Hickman and Michael Leach, Dist. 1, $30,000.

Barry Howard and Joan Howard to Barry Howard and Joan Howard, Dist. 3.

Hilda Williams to Dwight D. Wilson, Dist. 1, $97,780.

Cora Cooke to Marilyn A. Blevins, Allen Blevins and Christopher Blankenship, Dist. 3, $152,900.

Wholesale Investment to John Davenport and Tina Davenport, Dist. 5, $125,000.

Ayers LP and Indian Gap Investment LLC to Reyhan Dunlap and Richard Dunlap, Dist. 2, $269,900.

Michael Leach to Tommy Cupp, Tilda Cupp and Linda Sherlin, Dist. 1, $25,000.

Tommy Cupp, Tilda Cupp, Linda Sherlin to Michael Leach, Dist. 1, $13,000.

Kimberly Nelson and Darren Nelson to William Allen and Kimberly Allen, Dist. 3, $18,500.




David Reynolds to Peoples Bank of the South, Dist. 2, $150,000.

David Reynolds to Peoples Bank of the South, Dist. 2, $64,000.

MCC A TN LLC to Deutsche bank Trust Company, Dist. 3, $55,859.

Joseph Coker to Stanley Heatherly, Dist. 3, $75,000.




FEB. 4  – FEB. 11

Dale Burton Houston and Tina Lynn Smith Houston, 1299 Pelham Street Apt 12, Williamsburg Ky.

Jeffrey Rondol Loy and Evelyn Lillian Qualls Anderson, 109 Stonebtook Lane, LaFollette.

Jason Ray Marlow and Felisha Gail Lemarr Warner, 267 Kimberly Lane, LaFollette.

Bradley Edward Phillips and Chasity Lynn Wilson, 143 Grasy Hill Lane, LaFollette.

Marion Elwood Poston and Julie Dale Byrd Roberts, 186 Indian Creek Road, Jacksboro.

Nicholas Scott Smith and Stacie Lorene Hutson Thomason, 109 Shannon Road, Jacksboro.

Gary Wayne Williams and Tammy Lynn Daugherty Williams, 355 Chambers Road, Jacksboro.



FEB. 4 – FEB. 11

Julius Edward Simpson v. Delores Victoria Simpson, divorce.

Earl Green Delk v. Loria Sue Delk, divorce.

Donna Tackett v. Thomas Lynn Carden, order of protection.

Cade Sexton v. Barbara Joye Burswanger Sexton, divorce.

Debra Sue Thomas v. Barry Gerald Thomas, divorce.

William Thomas James v. Tereasa Gaye Gibby, order of protection.

Mary Roberta James v. Teresa Gibby, order of protection.







FEB. 3 – FEB. 11

Tammy Sue Albright, 40, 206 E. Bowman Circle, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant, driving while suspended, violation light law.

Roger Sean Arrowood, 38, 724 Queener Road, Jacksboro, violation light law, driver’s license law.

Alicia Lillian Ausmus, 28, 8400 Highway 297, Pioneer, capias/bench warrant.

Jerry Wayne Baird, 59, 1325 Ridge Road, Caryville, driving under the influence.

Michael Steven Blythe, 63, 233 Highland Drive, Jacksboro, theft of property under $500, seatbelt law, violation registration law, violation of the Tennessee financial law.

Hubert Lewis Brandenburg, 58, 158 Bertha Lane, Jacksboro, capias/bench warrant.

Sybil Brooks Brown, 36, 2011 Loop Road, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Bobby Kyle Buckner, 19, 280 N. 4th Ave., Jellico, capias/bench warrant.

Kenneth Wayne Byrd, 23, 269 Hoot Owl Holler Lane, Jellico, violation of probation, capias/bench warrant.

Arturo Ramirez Contreras, 31, 201 Howard Baker Highway, Pioneer, driving under the influence, no driver’s license, violation of the Tennessee financial law, violation implied consent law, driver’s to exercise due care, failure to maintain lane, seatbelt law.

Tyler Shianne Cothran, 18, 119 Island Ford Road, Jacksboro, domestic violence by assault.

Kristy L. Douglas, 25, 667 Wooldridge Lane, Jellico, violation of probation.

Stacy Renne Elliott, 27, 2587 Highway 297, Newcomb, domestic assault.

Joseph Lee Ellison, 31, 280 N. 4th Ave., Jellico, driving on revoked/suspended second offense, violation of Tennessee financial law, traffic control device.

Todd Parker Erdman, 54, 615 Lake Drive Lane, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Mark W. Fitzgarrald, 57, 114 Circle Road, Lake City, theft of property under $500.

Shirley Laronda Gagne, 39, 502 Rose Hill Drive, LaFollette, driving while revoked/suspended third offense.

Nicole Lynn Gibson, 24, 204 South Tennessee Avenue, LaFollette, driving while revoked, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation registration law.

Eric Justin Goins, 35, 712 Cross Valley Road, LaFollette, aggravated assault.

Kevin Scott Greene, 48, 155 Lowe Lane, Caryville, capias.

Theresa Renee Harmon, 41, 452 Newcomb Loop Road, Newcomb, contributing to a minor.

Danielle Esthasia Harris, 28, 313 E. Hemlock St., LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Michael Wayne Hatmaker, 51, 3729 Lake City Highway, Lake City, court imposed to serve time.

Bobby Lee Heatherly, 49, 239 Minton Road, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Lisa Renee Heatwole, 45, 158 Saw Mill Lane, Duff, violation of probation.

Ronald J. Henrich Jr., 42, 325 Summit Drive, Speedwell, driving under the influence, violation implied consent law, reckless driving, violation of Tennessee financial law failure to carry registration.

Heaven Lynn Hill, 33, 677 Butter and Egg Road, Jacksboro, disorderly conduct.

James Clifford Horne Jr., 55, 677 Butter and Egg Road, Jacksboro, reckless endangerment.

Phillip Ray Johnson, 22, 172 Valley View Road, LaFollette, domestic assault.

Thomas Ryan Kellogg, 31, 186 S. Walnut, Jellico, violation of parole.

Timothy K Kirk, 44, 167 Beals Lane, LaFollette, hold for another agency.

Ancil Auther Lambdiin, 68, 215 Hettie Lambdin Road, Williamsburg, Ky., court imposed to serve time.

Jacob Scott Marlow, 18, 151 Wildflower Lane, Jacksboro, aggravated assault.

Nancy Ann Marlow, 55, 249 Rogerston Road, Clairfield, domestic violence by assault.

Donna A McCall, 37, 185 W Cotula Lane, Duff, domestic violence.

James Robert Miller, 38, 414 N. 11th St., LaFollette, driving under influence.

Christy Dawn Miracle, 37, 1055 S. Highway 25, LaFollette, attachment child support.

Randall Wayne Monday, 34, 445 Habersham Road, Duff, theft of property $500-$999, violation of probation.

Brandon Dean Norman, 26, 269 Thelma Circle, Jacksboro, capias.

Della Powers, 42, 150 Stone Gate, LaFollette, unlawful carrying of possession of a weapon.

Gary Rains, 39, 603 S. Indiana Ave., LaFollette, driving while suspended, possession of drug paraphernalia, capias.

James Mitchell Rich, 39, 581 S. Sudenny, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Falen Victoria Richardson, 24, 222 Sun Lane, LaFollette, driving while suspended, capias.

Kevin James Sanders,26, 372 Cherry Bottom Road, Caryville, capias, attachment child support.

Larry Wayne Satterfield, 28, 149 Whitman Hollow, LaFollette, capias.

Kenneth Dewayne Shears, 27, 286 Hatmaker Ridge Road, Jacksboro, theft of property $1,000-$9,999.

Shawnya R Smith, 32, 395 Brick Plane Lane, Jellico, driving on revoked/suspended, traffic control device, violation of Tennessee financial law, capias.

Denise Rochelle Vandergriff, 51, 503 Laurel Road, Clinton, violation of probation.

Joshua Wagers, 18, 606 E. Beech St., LaFollette, felony evading arrest, theft of property under $500, felony reckless endangerment, traffic control device, drivers to exercise due care, drivers license law, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation registration law.

Andrea Elaine Wallace, 26, 134 Pleasant Lane, LaFollette, capias, violation of probation.

Heather Renee Wallace, 19, 119 island Ford Road, Jacksboro, disorderly conduct.

Michael Eugene Ward, 25, 268 Patty Hill Road, Caryville, capias, theft of property $500-$999, resist stop frisk halt search, evading arrest, vandalism.

Linda Westfall, 54, 310 S. 14th St., LaFollette, criminal trespassing.

Chad Joseph Williams, 39, 110 Broadway, Oak Ridge, attachment child support.

Travis David Williams, 29, 1215 S. Highway 25, LaFollette, driving left of center, driving while revoked, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of schedule IV controlled substance.

David Wayne Wilson Sr., 57, 544 Old Wooldridge Pike, Jellico, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, assault, resisting arrest, cruelty to animals, disorderly conduct.