Public Records -Feb. 21, 2013

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


FEB. 11 – FEB. 15

Nina D. Reineri to Jerry Finley, Dist. 3, $57,500.

Paradigm Ministries to Benjamin Howard and Loralyn Howard, Dist. 1, $26,000.

Millie T. Diaz and James Diaz to Malicote Family LP, Dist. 1, $61,500.

Jellico City to James Hatmaker, Dist. 5, $31,900.

Paul Jacksbon and Wilma Jacksbon to Samuel A. Winterbotham and Tara Shawn Winterbotham, Dist. 3, $77,500.

William E. Marshall and Reva A. Marshall to Hugh James Forrest, Dist. 3, $105,700.

Bill Cox and Syondra Cox to Joseph L. Evans and Fonya E. Evans, Dist. 3, $128,500.

Michael W. Leach to Tommy D. Cup, Tilda Cupp and Linda Sherlin, Dist. 1, $27,000.

Edward Gibson and Angela Gibson to James Wagers, Dist. 1, $10,000.

Larry Lay to Eighth Judicial Distrist Drug Task Force, Dist. 5, $24,600.



Shapiro and Kirsch LLP to Federal National Mortgage, Dist. 3.

Rublin Ljublin Suarez Serrano TN LLC to United States Housing and Urban Development, Dist. 1.

David Reynolds to Wilrite LLC, Dist. 1, $295,000.




Etzler Bruce to Etzler Bruce.



FEB. 9  – FEB. 16

Michael Eugene Bell and Lanora Velvet Sulfridge Rose, 202 Ailsile Road, Williamsburg, Ky.

James Michael Daugherty and Alexandra Diane Perry, 215 Shoun Hollow Road, Jacksboro.

Carl Jason Lemarr and Kaitlin Maria Vanover Ayers, 1308 Loop Road Apt 104, LaFollete.

Jason Ray Marlow and Felshia Gail Lemarr Warner, 267 Kimberly Lane, LaFollette.

William Jeffrey McNew and Tabatha Leigh Woods Collins, P.O. Box 438 Lily, Ky.

Stephen Arnold Rutherford and Jessica Michelle Daugherty, 724 Queener Road, Apt D4, Jacksboro.

Bryton Timothy Teague and Nancy Danielle Jordan, 206 Sandy Hill Road, LaFollette.



FEB. 9 – FEB. 16

Luellen Castle v.  James Envis Castle, divorce.

Sasha Rashel Martin v.  Joshua Adam Martin, divorce.

Dawn Marie Everling v.  Bessie Heatherly, order of protection.

Jeffrey W Quakenbush v.  Bessie Heatherly, order of protection.

Cindy Michelle Bostic v.  Ronnie Ray Bostic, divorce.

Kimberly Leann Shepherd v.  Mahala Renee Stanfield, order of protection.

Tiera Hamblin v.  Jordon Tyler Wilson, divorce.

Adam Devon Berry v.  Charissa Desiree Berry, divorce.

Felicia Rose v.  Matthew Bolton, order of protection.

Christopher Dippel v. Victoria Nicole Dipple, divorce.

Tammy Lea Irvin v. Larry Dean Irvin, divorce.

Deloris Victoria Simpson v. Julius Edward Simpson, order of protection.





FEB. 12 – FEB. 16

David Edward Allen, 39, 507 E. Hemlock, LaFollette, theft of property under $500.

Bill Adkins, 38, 310 N. Mass, LaFollette, capias.

Jerome Baker, 49, 196 Lizzie Partin Road, Frakes, Ky, driving under influence, failure to maintain control of vehicle, violation ikplied consent law.

Shawn Dale Bennett, 35, 309 N. 25th St., LaFollette, capias, violation of probation.

Michael James Beeman, 37, 127 Upper Airbase, Briceville, capias.

Lora Jean Bell, 35, 188 Wagon Wheel, Pioneer, driving under influence, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of schedule III controlled substance, possession of schedule IV controlled substance.

Kevin Wayne Berry, 37, 278 Collage Hill Road, LaFollette, capias.

Emily A. Binger, 32, 328 Dogwood Road, public intoxication.

Tracy Binger, 35, 328 Dogwood Road, Rockwood, driving under influence,

Gregory S. Bolton, 43, 169 Joy Lane, Jacksboro, violation of probation.

Brandon Chase Brock, 30, 353 Davis Chapel Road, LaFollette, capias.

Brandon R Carroll, 24, 3620 Demory Road, LaFollette, theft of property under $500, resisting arrest.

Dale Travis Chapman, 39, 528 Coolidge Road, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Thomas Fredrick Eldridge, 33, 156 Whitaker Hollow Road, Lake City, driving while revoked, seatbelt law, violation of light law.

Todd Parker Erdman, 54, 615 Lake Drive Lane, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Rebecca Ashley Huckaby, 29, 507 Lynch Hollow Road, LaFollette, hold for another agency.

Jesse Ivey, 55, 211 Eagle Bluff Road, Jacksboro, driving under influence second offense, driving on revoked second offense, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Katie Ellen Lang, 26, 501 Sandgap Road, Jellico, domestic assault.

Theresa Anne Lang, 52, 501 Sandgap Road, Pioneer, domestic assault, viable fetus as victim.

Daniel Wayne Marlow, 23, 306 Hootowl Hollow Lane, Jellico, theft of property $500-$999, criminal littering.

John Ross Marlow, 30, 1740 Demory Road, LaFollette, no drivers license, traffic control device, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation registration law, child restraint law.

James Eardis Morris, 40, 4830 North Highway 25W, Duff, capias, theft of property $1,000-$9,999, vandalism over $1000, criminal trespassing.

Michelle Ann Norris, 29, 283 Powell Valley Shore Lane, Speedwell, public intoxication.

John D. Poston, 42, 1069 Knoxville Hollow Road, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Della M. Powers, 42, 150 Stone Gate, LaFollette, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon.

Dennis Ray Reed, 28, 1093 South Highway 25W, LaFollette, aggravated assault by domestic violation.

Robert Earl Robl, 54, 117 Cross Creek Lane, LaFollette, driving under influence, following to closely, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Chasity Danyell Slayback, 24, 103 Claiborne Road Apt. 118, LaFollette, criminal trespassing.

Joseph Scott Smith, 47, 295 Myers Street, Jacksboro, violation of parole, driving under influence, violation of registration law, violation of Tennessee financial law, speeding, failure to give signal, violation of implied consent law.

Donald Bradley Shown, 33, 111 Central Avenue Pat 200, LaFollette, hold for another agency.

Christopher Smith, 27, 500 Hayes Lane, LaFollette, capias.

Beecher D. Sparks Jr., 57, 197 Beverly Lane, LaFollette, driving under influence, no license.

Jerry Dewayne Stidham, 33, 113 Cherry Street, LaFollette, driving while suspended, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation light law.

Robert Francis Szczepanski, 45, 801 South 8th Street, LaFollette, here for court date.

Jody Michelle Teague, 29, 1069 Knox Hollow Road, LaFollette, driving while suspended.

Tiffanie Lynn Tindell, 19, 211 Roach Lane, Jacksboro, theft of property under $500.

Felictas Venegas-Aguilas, 19, 914 South Steet, Harmington, Ohio, no driver’s license, speeding.

Kenny Wayne Wallace, 43, 504 Hollifield Drive, Jacksboro, court imposed to serve time.

Sarah Christian Wallace, 31, 303 North mass Avenue, LaFollette, assault.

Zendall Lee Ward, 47, 513 Patty Hill Road, Caryville, court imposed to serve time.

Tara Desera N White, 22, 423 Legion Ave., Lake City, criminal impersonation, theft of property $1000- $9,999, possession of drug paraphernalia, attachment child support.

Brittany Waldrop, 22, 415 Island Ford Road, Jacksboro, theft of property under $500.

Richard Lesley Willoughby, 31, 501 Sandgap Road, Pioneer, domestic assault.

Michael Wayne Wilson, 33, 104 Evans Lane, LaFollette, capias, attachment child support.

Shasta Dawn York, 35, 1205 Dutch Valley Road, Clinton, theft of property under $500, criminal trespassing.

Tammy Leann Young, 33, 705 S. 8th St., LaFollette, criminal trespassing.