Public records -Feb. 28, 2013

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.


FEB. 18 – FEB. 22

Gary Sharp, Patricia Sharp, Jason Sharp to Joseph Smith and Amy Smith, Dist. 3, $160,000.

Trimbach Development LLC to Matt Boyers and Paula Boyers, Dist. 1, $185,300.

John Calvin Ward to Timothy Michael Grant, Dist. 3, $105,000.

Juanita Ausmus and David Ausmus to Ashley R. Nelson, Dist. 3, $500.

Philip Boller and Cynthia Boller to Philip Boller and Cynthia Boller, Dist. 2.

Thomas Collins to Gary Roberts and Lisa Roberts, Dist. 4, $575,000.

Charlotte Ballard to Gary Roberts ad Lisa Roberts, Dist. 4, $2,500.

Patricia Ann Lambdin, Billie Lynne Beguitti, Dorothy Alice Cecil, William Payne to Nathan Moore and Miranda Moore, Dist. 5, $157,000.

United States Housing and Urban Development to Bonnie L. Palmer, Dist. 1, $42,500.

James Queener and Carolyn Queener to Campbell County Tennessee, Dist. 3.

United States Housing and Urban Development to Carmen G. Jones, Dist. 1, $50,000.

Willie Branam and Veda Branam to Clyde Delk and Vickie Delk, Dist. 5, $7,000.




Shapiro and Kirsch LLP to JP Morgan Chase Bank, Dist. 1, $38,250.

Shapiro and Kirsch LLP to JP Morgan Chase Bank, Dist. 1,  $50,150.

Shapiro and Kirsch LLP to JP Morgan Chase Bank, Dist. 1,  $104,550.

Shapiro and Kirsch LLP to US Bank National Association, Dist. 1, $50,555.30.

Summer McMillian to Emerson Properties, Dist. 2, $3,000.

David Reynolds to Peoples Bank of the South, Dist. 2, $30,000.



FEB. 18 – FEB. 25

Corey Joshua Daugherty and Kayla Michelle Denny, 8008 Bell Road, Knoxville.

Larry Phillip Elliott Jr. and April Marie Daniels, 300 W. Walden St., LaFollette.

Michael Lee Hallcox and Evelyn Yolanda Carver, 2789 Oak Grove Road, Lake City.

Johnathon Cory Rice and Marissa Kay Taylor, 115 E. Woodland Court, LaFollette.

Chuck William Ward and Elizabeth Marie Isabell, P.O. Box 761, Caryville.



FEB. 18 – FEB. 25

James Tackett v. Lisa Ann Odell Braden Tackett, divorce.

Anthony Wilder v. Carlo Wilder, order of protection.

Danny and Thelma Gibson v. Jeffery Vanfossen, order of protection.

Danny and Thelma Gibson v. Shelby Gibson, order of protection.

Jean Long v. Anthony Gibbs, order of protection.

Christy M. Blankenbickler v. Patsy Byrge, order of protection.

Leslie Kay Wilson v. Mark A. Wilson, divorce.

Sheritan Suzzann Varner v. Tommy Carroll Harris Jr., divorce.

Haley Canete Adkins v. Joseph Ryan Adkins, divorce.

Amanda Joan Vitatoe Wyres v. John Paul Wyres, divorce.

Opal Lambdin v. Patricia A Beckinger, order of protection.

Jack D Lambdin v. Patricia A Beckinger, order of protection.

Deborah Russell v. Jeff Russell, divorce.

Glenda A. Gardinier v. Kenneth Tate, order of protection.

Angela Henderson v. Richard Allen Nufer, order of protection.

Robert Cooper v. Kenneth Ray Perkey Jr., order of protection.











Judgment Amount





FEB. 19 – FEB. 24

Tommie L. Anderson, 31, 199 Rocky Point Road, Williamsburg, Ky., public intoxication, disorderly conduct.

Ricky Earl Carr, 25, 4811 N. Highway 25W, Duff, capias.

Melissa Sue Clark, 25, 615 Mount Paran Road, Jacksboro, driving while suspended, improper display of tags.

Michael Eugene Day, 19, 214 Longmire Lane, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Anthony Gibbs, 30, 406 Enix Lane, Caryville, domestic assault, assault, vandalism.

Laura Nicole Gross, 34, 217 Abiline Circle, Caryville, capias.

Theresa Renee Harmon, 41, 452 Newcomb Loop Road, Newcomb, court imposed to serve time.

Donavan James Hensley, 24, 105 Stone Mill Road, Jacksboro, driving under influence, driving on revoked/suspended, reckless driving, operation off road vehicle on highway.

Lucas Eric Hurst, 30, 715 S Massachusetts Ave., LaFollette, capias.

Michael Lee Combs, 41, 118 Dogwood Acres, LaFollette, capias.

Andrew Travis Cook, 23, 106 Landmark Road, Jacksboro, driving under influence, leaving scene of accident with death/injury.

Sonya Faye Dople, 38, 223 Eagle Bluff Road, Jacksboro, aggravated assault by domestic violence, vandalism over $500.

Sarah Anne Ellis, 30, 1028 Pine Hollow Road, Jacksboro, vandalism under $500, theft of property under $500, public intoxication.

Hiram J. Fugate, 32, 329 Stiner Lane, LaFollette, driving while suspended, intent of process intended to manufacture meth, possession of schedule II meth, seatbelt law.

Sherman Douglas Gibson, 27, 272 Rose Hill Drive, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Nancy Annette Hurst, 27, 1000 Kyle St., LaFollette, driver’s license law, driving under influence, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Cameron Lee Jones, 31, 708 E. Beech St., LaFollette, violation of probation.

Howard Steven King, 26, 330 Archer Center Lane, Clairfield, violation of probation.

David Evett Lloyd Jr., 31, 293 Valley View Road, LaFollette, violation of probation, theft of property under $500, forgery.

Sebastian Lowry, 36, 111 Central Ave., LaFollette, theft of property under $500.

Elizabeth Paige McNeeley, 44, 706 E. Elm St., LaFollette, violation of probation.

Lowell Murray, 41, 307 N. 7th St., LaFollette, public intoxication.

Randy Allen Partin, 19, 505 E. Kentucky Ave., LaFollette, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, capias, probation revocation warrant.

Kenneth James Redmon, 22, 216 Ellison Road, LaFollette, statutory rape.

Carl Ed Rogers, 42, 1410 Old Jacksboro Highway, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Arnold H. Smiddy, 2332 Pine Mountain Rd., LaFollette, aggravated burglary, theft of property $1,000- $9,999.

April B. Shipley, 43, 116 Raymond Road, LaFollette, driving under influence, driving while suspended, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jonie E. Sowder, 31, 30 Stiener Road, Williamsburg, Ky., interfering with an officer, disorderly conduct, public intoxication.

Jason Smiddy, 35, 354 Dogwood Height, Tazewell, driving while revoked, failure to yield emergency vehicle, violation registration law, open container law.

Susan Tapp, 41, 1102 W. Central Ave., LaFollette, driving under influence, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation of registration law.

Kenneth Warren Tate, 27, 191 Jackson Road, Caryville, capias, assault, domestic assault.

Jeremy Ryan Ward, 24, 3020 Highway 297, Newcomb, attachment child support.

Robert Kyle Wilson, 21, 308 S. Cumberland Ave., LaFollette, domestic assault.

Robert Dale Wallace, 49, 1714 Chestnut Stump Road, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.