Public Records -Jan. 10, 2013

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



JAN. 2 – JAN. 4

David L. Blankenship and Regina Blankenship to Sabarina Walp, Dist. 4, $8,000.

Charles Baird to Crystal Morgan, Dist. 3, $87,147.

Ricky L. Hutson to Scottie Allen Sharp, Dist. 3, $150,000.

United States Housing and Urban Development to Bradley Lynn Utley, Dist. 3, $23,150.

Emma McGhee to Edwina Ogg, Dist. 3, $5000.

Fred E. Reed and Sandra F. Reed to Rachel Lawson, Dist. 3, $145,000.

Ayers LP to Robert L. Dial and Deborah K. Dial, Dist. 3, $77,500.

AHH Partnership and Derik W Bowlin and Ashley Bowlin, Dist. 3, $15,000.

Lois Barnes to Stephen Raus, Dist. 3, $14,500.

Vernon F. McEldowney and Susan A. McEldowney to Jeffrey Wiemers and Laura Wiemers, Dist. 2, $194,000.

Bill Scott Bray and Kristy Bray to Dustin Brent Johnson and Lori E. Johnson, Dist. 3, $187,000.

Robert Smith and Brandi Smith and Brandi Caylor to Amanda Davis and Chad Davis, Dist. 3, $95,000.

State of Tennessee and Clara Goodman to Remey Coal Company, Gary Seale and Sue Seale, Dist. 1, $19,900.



Anthony Steele to Clayton Bank and Trust, Dist. 1, $39,600.

Weissman Nowack Curry and Wilco to US Bank, Dist. 1, $90,000.

C. Mark Troutman to Community Trust Bank, Dist. 1, $28,100.



DEC. 28 – JAN. 6

Jesse Allen Ford and Connie Carlene Henderson Indelicato, P.O. Box 766, Jacksboro.

Ryan Glen Hamilton and Holly Mae Liles, 664 Indian River Boat Dock Road, Jacksboro.

Wade Napier and Elizabeth Gwenn Hardin Dixon, 9160 Clear Creek Road, Springboro Ohio.



DEC. 27 – JAN. 6

Tiffany Rae Willis Tague v.  Kyle David Tague, divorce.

Rhonda L. Bunch v. Alexander Puetz, order of protection.

Stephanie Nicole Wright v. Anthony Leon Wright, divorce.

Amy Petro v.  Brandon Carroll, order of protection.

Jessica N. Daugherty v. Brandy Partin, order of protection.

Crystal Padilla V. Donald Joe Ridenour, order of protection.

Alberto Alaverez v. Julia Powers, order of protection.

Henry Ridenour v. Regina Douglas Ridenour, divorce.

Rodney Allen Ross v. Tammy Lynn Johnson Ross, divorce.

Wayne Overton v. Allison Nicole Grissom, order of protection.







DEC. 28  – JAN. 2

Jerry Wayne Baird, 59, 1325 Ridge Road, Caryville, aggravated assault by domestic violence.

Jeffrey Scott Braden, 35, 912 Vowell Mountain Lane, Lake City, theft of property under $500, resist stop frisk halt search, destruction of evidence, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Bobby Ray Branam, 46, 155 Kidwell Lane, Jacksboro, court imposed to serve time.

Jason Donald Branch, 28, 613 W. Prospect St., LaFollette, domestic assault.

Nakita Louise Brown, 20, 180 Lowes Lane, Jacksboro, violation of probation.

Jerry Lester Byrd, 41, 108 Long Hollow Road, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Ralph Byrd, 71, 850 Shawnee Drive, Jacksboro, theft of property under $500.

Rachel Lynn Campbell, 22, 302 Virginia Road, Oak Ridge, domestic assault.

Brandon Carroll, 24, 3620 Demory Road, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Jonathan Tyler Duncan, 18, 155 Parrott Lane, Caryville, burglary, theft of property $500 - $999.

William Paul Elliott, 25, 389 Clear Lake Drive, Jacksboro, theft of property $500 -$999.

Donny Ellis, 48, 592 Flat Hollow Marina Road, Speedwell, violation of probation.

Eric Scott England, 31, 126 Brooke Place Lane, LaFollette, capias.

Michael A. Foust, 34, homeless, capias.

Timothy Allen Garland, 20, 17 Holly Subdivision, Loudon Ky, underage DWI, violation light law, driving left of center, litter law, seatbelt law, under age consumption of alcohol, drivers license law.

Daniel Dewayne Hamblin,24, 613 W. Forrest St., LaFollette, violation of probation.

Joseph Landon Harris, 20, 713 Hollan Drive, Moorehead Ky., under age consumption of alcohol, DWI.

Melissa Sue Hayes, 37, 108 Stem Lane, Clinton, capias.

Danielle Brook Herron, 24, 138 Vinsant Hollow Lane, Jacksboro, capias.

Tashiena Jewel Hill, 24, 1414 back Valley Road, Jacksboro, theft of property under $500-$999.

Tyler Jeffrey Holman, 21, 4487 White Oak Road, Duff, violation of probation.

Lindsey Brooke Holmes, 20, 585 Carr Wynn Road, LaFollette, capias.

Michael Robert Howerton, 32, 7711 Windchim Circle, Knoxville, driving while revoked, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Darryl Wayne Kennedy, 48, 906 W. Forrest St., LaFollette, driving while revoked, violation of Tennessee financial law, capias.

Erica Rene Kidd, 28, 994 Pinecrest Road, Jacksboro, capias.

Joseph Crockett King, 30, 138 Spruce Lane, Caryville, capias, attachment child support, capias.

Sebastian Lowry, 36, 111 Central Ave., LaFollette, violation of probation.

Joann Macleay, 42, 748 Quarry Road, Jacksboro, criminal responsibility for facilitation.

Kathryn Lee McClellan, 22, 1701 Masonic Drive, Charlotte NC, domestic violence by assault.

Elizabeth Ashley McGhee, 25, 178 4th St., Jellico, capias, attachment child support, hold for another agency.

Raenelle Lynn Morton, 25, 482 Hill Lane, Caryville, violation of light law, driving while suspended.

Lindsay Cheyenne Norris, 20, P.O. Box 707, Jacksboro, violation drug court rules and regulations.

Azalee Nicole Ohara, 20, 280 N. 4th Ave., Jellico, hold for another agency.

Cody Matthew Patterson, 25, 114 Springs Lane, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Kristi Leann Paul, 32, 304 N. 12th Street, LaFollette, attachment child support.

Danny Matthew Perkins, 24, 128 Depot Lane, Newcomb, driving while suspended, capias.

Mary Helen Phillips, 34, 210 Tennessee St., Caryville, driving while revoked, driving under influence, seatbelt law, failure to yield emergency vehicle.

Jennifer Raylean Raynor, 41, 110 Carr View Lane, Speedwell, obtaining prescriptions by fraud, hold for another agency.

Tera Daniel Raynor, 21, 110 Carr View Lane, Speedwell, obtaining a prescription by fraud, violation registration law.

Tyler A. Richardson, 22, 111 Kettle Hollow Road, Pioneer, aggravated assault by domestic violence.

Darrill Dewayne Riggs, 26, 251 Water St., Jacksboro, auto burglary, theft of property under $500, criminal trespassing, assault.

Austin Colby Roberts, 18, 417 Elk Fork Road, Pioneer, domestic assault.

Amanda Couch Smith, 29, 276 Flatwood Lane, Speedwell, capias.

Kerri Sullivan, 33, 613 W. Prospect St., LaFollette, driving under influence, violation implied consent law.

William Cody Suttles, 22, 22 Sky View Lane, LaFollette, driving while suspended, violation registration law.

Robert Francis Szczepanski, 45, 801 S. 8th Street, LaFollette, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, vandalism, capias, failure to appear.

James Alfred Trutt II, 28, 511 E. Beach St., LaFollette, public intoxication, criminal trespassing, capias.

Roger Lyndon Waldroop, 41, 709 S. 8th St., LaFollette, theft of property $1,000 -$9,999, vandalism.

Mary Matilda Wesseling, 39, 603 S. Indiana Avenue, LaFollette, capias.

James Douglas Wilson, 22, 359 Elk Fork Road, Pioneer, driving while suspended, capias, failure to appear.

Willard Dewayne Young, 44, 1414 Back Valley Road, LaFollette, domestic assault.