Public records June 14, 2012

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.




Christopher Ahlers to Daniel Stewart, Dist. 3, $14,000.

David A. Hartter and Katina J. Hartter to Natalie Ann Bolton, Dist. 2, $106,500.

Charles Baird to William B. Rains, Dist. 3, $61,500.

Anna Mae Nelson Knight to Sharon M. Naylor and Mark E. Naylor, Dist. 3, $134,000.

Daniel Hammac, Tasha Hammac, Tasha Green to Tiffany S. Crutchfield, Dist. 3, $81,200.

Estel Silcox to Steve Grimm and Leta J. Grimm, Dist. 3, $60,000.

Ayers LP Indian Gap Investments LLC to David B. Palmer and Gloriann R. Palmer, Dist. 2, $41,000.

Michael G. Nelson and Sharon Nelson to Christopher Richardson and Bethany Richardson, Dist. 2, $5,000.

Stonehenge Properties to Emmitt Whiaker and Faith Whitaker, Dist. 3, $64,900.

Jason D. Neimann to Jason D. Neimann and Canon B. Esinduy, Dist. 1, $10.

Gregory K. Miller and Lora Jean Miller Alley Wilson to Kenneth W. Pittman and Amber Pittman, Dist. 1, $70,000.

Clayton Garris and Carol Garris to Roy Richards, Dist. 3, $64,000.

Tracy Lynn Creekmore and Tammie Michelle Creekmore to Eddie Wayne Barton II and Deana Rae Barton, Dist. 5, $5,000.

Billy H. Beeler and Margaret T. Beeler to Matthew Fischer and Jamie Vanover Fischer, Dist. 1, $91,000.




David A. Winchester to First Trust and Savings Bank, Dist. 3, $200,000.

Wilson and Associates to United States Housing and Urban Development, Dist. 1.

Mark C. Toutman to Community Trust Bank, $85,500.

Nationwide Trustee Services Inc to Wells Fargo Bank, Dist. 2, $502,302.36

Joseph G. Coker to Home Federal Bank, Dist. 1, $15,000.





Rebecca Gail Jones Brown v. Rob Walter Brown, divorce.

Kristina M. Wagner v. Robert Goodman, order of protection.

Joan Leonard v. Lee Leonard, III, order of protection.

James Franklin Leach v. Stacy Lynn Vinsant, order of protection.

Jessica LeAnn Taylor v. Ervin Brock Stair, order of protection.

Tabitha Brown v. Stacy Lynn Vinsant, order of protection.

Jessica Lee Powers v. David Powers, Jr., order of protection.

Alexander R. Puetz v. Roge Paul Chavis, order of protection.

Rhonda L. Bunch v. Candice Fissell, order of protection.




Marty Joe Braden and Lorinda Kay Spencer Newberry, 318 Loop Road, Caryville.

James Brian Campbell and Mindi Delene Kovers, 341 Cowan Lane, LaFollette.

Silas Eugene Crawford, Jr. and Kayla Morgan Shoupes, P.O. Box 313, Jacksboro.

Jonathon Wayne Duvall and Megan Cheanne Lawson, 850 Kensee Williamsburg, Ky.

Michael Joseph Hicks, II and Tiffany Nicole Powers, 525 Shady Pine Lane, Newcomb.

Joseph M. Morris and Allison Faye Arnold, 2419 Old Thompson Bridge Road, Gainsville, Ga.

Christopher Allen Smith and Kensey Renee Turnblazer, 1543 Bruce Gap Road, Caryville.

Joshua Lee Smith and Brittany Suzette Ivey, 172 College Park Road, LaFollette.





Sabri C. Ayers, 50, 602 S. 8th Apt. B, LaFollette, interfering with an officer.

Donnetta D. Bell, 20, 66 Little Wolf Creek Road, Williamsburg, Ky., capias, hold for another agency.

Shawn Dale Bennett, 34, 201 N. 12th St., LaFollette, theft of property under $500.

Clifford Lee Bolton, 43, 592 Big Four Road, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Terry Bolton, 41, 2415 Fort Ridge Road, Harrogate, public intoxication.

Benjamin Lee Brandenburg, 34, 132 Jones Trailer Lane Box 8, LaFollette, theft of property under $500, criminal trespassing.

Benjamin Lee Brandenburg, 34, 132 Jones Trailer Lane Box 8, LaFollette, theft of property , driving while suspended, theft of property under $500.

Kristy Gail Brandenburg, 31, 1157 Pincrest Road, Jacksboro, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Travis M. Brown, 36, 802 W. Beach St., LaFollette, driving while suspended, improper passing, attachment child support.

Keri Ann Bush, 21, 296 Frog Valley Road, Margaretivvle, NY, simple possession marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kollin D. Bush, 19, 296 Frog Valley Road, Marharetville, NY, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Jonathan Lynn Byrge, 29, 1096 Sharp Land, Jacksboro, passing a forged prescription.

Franklin Lee Cantrell, 34, 306 Ridenour Lane, Jacksboro, capias, attachment for contempt, violation of probation.

Wayne Curtis Coker, 26, 1180 Whitman Hollow Road, LaFollette, attachment child support.

William Collins, 31, 2557 Highway 297, Jellico, hindering secured creditors.

Derick Billy Davis, 19, 203 W. Walden St., LaFollette, public intoxication, disorderly conduct.

Jimmy Lee Davison III, 24, 150 Charles Seiver Blvd., Clinton, capias.

Michael James Dilbeck, 44, East Central, LaFollette, disorderly conduct.

Michael Jesse Dockery, 33, 109 Chestnut Avenue, Lake City, drug fraud, falsifying drug test.

Ashely Estepp, 19, 912 Medaris Street, Clinton, driving while suspended, seatbelt law, no driver’s license, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Jimmy Lee Fontana, 27, 807 Shady Pine Lane, Jellico, theft of property under $500, resist stop frisk halt search, possession of burglary tools, aggravated criminal trespass.

Melonie Lynn Fuehr, 41, 215 W. Walden St., LaFollette, public intoxication, theft of property under $500, cpaias.

George Odell Green, 30, 130 Stonebrook Lane, LaFollette, driving on revoked, seatbelt law.

Daniel Boone Hall, 64, 126 Spruce Lane, Caryville, aggravated assault.

Jamie Hembree, 37, 204 Cowan Lane, LaFollette, driving while suspended.

Mark Anthony Hensley, 43, 241 Fred Barnett Road, Corbin, Ky., driving under influence, reckless driving, improper display of tags.

Jose L. Hernandez, 48, 111 Cherokee Trail, Jacksboro, following to closely, failure to maintain control of vehicle, violation light law, driving under influence.

Heaven Lynn Hill, 32, 667 Butter and Egg Road, Jacksboro, promotion of meth manufacture.

Lissa Colleen Hill, 50, 156 McCarty Road, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Jennifer Ann Jillson, 26, 144 Magnolia Lane, LaFollette, capias.

Jodi Nicole Kesterson, 29, 600 East Ash Street, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Robert Alan Kirby, 48, 407 E. Kentucky, LaFollette, driving under influence, open container law, traffic control device, driving while revoked.

Joseph Michael Lloyd, 21, 502 E. First St., LaFollette, capias.

David Wayne Lowe, 40, 201 Hickory Hills Road, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Jerry Dewayne Maney, 36, 510 Mountain View Road, Robbins, hold for another agency.

Sallie Anne Miller, 28, 600 E. Ash St., LaFollette, violation of rules of drug court.

Gary Wayne Monday Jr., 32, 149 Popular Lane, Jacksboro, seatbelt law, driving while revoked.

Robert James Monnot, 22, 5741 Buckingham Court, Laury Station, Penn., possession of drug paraphernalia.

Tina Diana Mort, 32, 121 Falls Branch, Jellico, violation of probation.

Juden Eugene Neland, 41, 121 Cherokee Trail, Jacksboro, entering quarantined property .

Kip Anthony Orick, 46, 411 E. Fir St., LaFollette, pawned or conveyed rental property.

Jason C. Parks, 22, 447 Park Road, Caryville, driving while suspended, seatbelt law.

John Gerheart Patton, 21, 524 Mars Court, Littleton, Col., simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraohernalia.

Kristi Leann Paul, 32, 602 S. 8th St. Apt. B, LaFollette, interfering with an officer.

Travis L. Paul, 602 S. 8th St. Apt. B, LaFollette, violation of probation, capias, possession of a legend drug, attachment child support.

Christopher Ryan Phillips, 22, 1212 W. Walden St., LaFollette, capias.

Misty D. Powers, 40, 212 Slate Stone Road, Briceville, capias.

Agustin Palermo Ramirez, 28, 916 Elberson St., Cincinnati Ohio, driving under influence, license unlawful use, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation registration law, drivers license law, drivers to exercise due care.

David Lee Rector, 40, 447 Spruce Lane, Caryville, violation light law, possession of schedule II controlled substance.

Christopher Nicholas Reed, 28, 4921 Lincoln Drive, Knoxville, seatbelt law, driving while revoked.

Justin Scott Ridenour, 33, 360 Cherry Bottom Road, Caryville, driving while revoked.

Patrick Robert Rowan, 39, 3801 Sweet Bay Lane, Apsion, driving while suspended.

Timothy James Rupp, 27, 712 E. Fir, LaFollette, disorderly conduct, reist stop frisk halt search.

Michael Charles Russell, 23, 5253 General Carl W. Stiner Highway, LaFollette, capias.

Nathaniel Jerome Saylor, 30, 110 Wallace Lane, Jackbsoro, violation of probation.

Jason Ray Sellers, 35, 7108 Bonair Road, Knoxville, court imposed to serve time.

Felicia Shears, 20, 139 Summers Road, LaFollette, interfering with an officer.

Michael Lynn Shears, 24, 203 W. Walden, LaFollette, criminal trespassing, theft of property under $500.

Michael Lynn Shers, 24, 203 W. Walden, LaFollette, theft of property $1000 - $9,999.

Timothy Dale Shepherd, 34, 1014 W. Iron St., LaFollette, violation of registration law, possession of schedule II controlled substance.

Beecher D Sparks, 50, 100 Pleasant Ridge Road, LaFollette, public intoxication, possession of a legend drug.

Lana Beth Sparks, 48, 100 Pleasant Ridge Road, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Amanda Steakley, 34, 601 Sudeney Lane, LaFollette, revoked bond, capias.

Cindy Lynn Teeple, 38, 2143 Long Hollow Road, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Linda S. Ward, 44, homeless, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, domestic assault.

Carlos Doug Webb, 3078 Mountain Road, Robbins, hold for another agency.

Katlynn Jean Willoughby, 22, 310 Linden Circle, LaFollette, domestic assault, theft of property under $500.

Megan Brook Woodwad, 21, 649 Patton Lane, Huntsville, contempt of court.

Tommy G. Worley, 24, 141 Neyles Lane, Newcomb, violation of probation, traffic control device, seatbelt law, no divers license, violation of Tennessee financial law, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.