Public Records March 8, 2012

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Editor’s note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



FEB. 27 – MARCH 2

Kimberly Dawn Leach to Woody Jackson and Nona Jackson, Dist. 5, $15,000.

Herbert McGhee and Bonnie McGhee to M C Sampsel and June Sampsel, Dist. 3, $25,000.

Charlie Woods to Scott Lindsay and Chase Lindsay, Dist. 1, $22,000.

Kay Kuzma TR, Jan W. Kuzma TR, and JWK Ministries to 135 Fox Lane LLC., Dist. 2, $390,000.

Calvin J. Ward to Charline M. Lloyd and Jason D. Lloyd, Dist. 3, $89,900.

Lee McGhee and Emma L. McGhee to Joshua Fuston, Dist. 3, $15,000.

Mit N. Walden, Jr. to Joshua Wayne Fuston, Dist. 3, $8,000.

Billie Lou Phillips to Richard Carr and Violenettia Carr, Dist. 5, $18,000.

James C. Pennington and Mary Robin Pennington to Marlene Elizabeth Gallagher Smith TR., Marlene Elizabeth Gallagher Smith, and Revocable Trust Living, Dist. 1, $15,000.

Mary Jan Wilson to Dean P. Erford and Rebecca M. Erford, Dist. 3, $460,000.



Wilson and Associates PLLC. SUB. TR. to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Dist. 3.

Angela Boyd CO. TR. To United States Housing and Urban Development, Dist. 1.

Mark C. Troutman TR. To Union Bank of Jellico, Dist. 5.

Rubin Lublin Suarez TN. LLC. SUB. TR. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company TR., Dist. 1.

Shapiro and Kirsch LLP. SUB. TR. to Flagstar Bank, Dist. 3.



FEB. 27 – MARCH 5

James Matthew Webb V. Michael Cody Scott Webb, order of protection.

Patricia Smith V. Arthur Smith, divorce.

Jennifer Sue Weiss V. Christopher Allen Weiss, divorce.

Beverly Farmer V. Dickie Taylor, order of protection.



FEB. 27 – MARCH 5

Rob Walter Brown and Rebecca Gail Jones, 1600 Jacksboro Pike, Apt. 102, LaFollette.

Jimmie Joe Bumbalough and Amanda Lynn Lowe, 129 Robertson Lane,  Caryville.

Anthony Wayne Calder and Jessica Marie Whitaker, 104 C Falcon View Trail, Somerset, Ky.

Rodney Doyle Daugherty and Elisa Ann Brandenburg Meadows, 217 Abby Lane,. Jacksboro.

Ronnie Joe Dilbeck and Mariann Elizabeth Belgiutti, 118 Jessica Lane, Apt. 101, LaFollette.

Floyd Clark Jeffrey and Shirley Ann Boshears Bright, 175 Mountain View Road, Jacksboro.

Charles David Madison and Mandi Lea Eubanks Boshears, 121 Cherokee Trail, Apt. 4, Jacksboro.

Jonathan Glenn Norman and Kaleigh Nicole Dabney Marlow, 130 Sandy Circle, LaFollette.

Roger Hughie Osborne and Brenda Lou Seiber Ward, 7362 Highway 297, Pioneer.

Jonathan Raymond Peavley and April Lee Ann Besse, 4220 Willow Way, Morristown.

Robert Ross Thomas III and Mariann Lay Walker, 784 Queener Road, Jacksboro.



FEB. 28 – MARCH 5

Joseph Everet Abbott, 34, 509 Sexton Lane, Onieda, violation of probation.

Tyler R. Allen, 19, 507 E. Hemlock Street, LaFollette, theft of property under $500, criminal trespassing, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, criminal trespassing.

Daryl Anthony Arnold, 40, 482 Hatmaker Ridge Road, Jacksboro, attachment child support, violation of Tennessee financial law, driving while revoked, aggravated criminal trespassing.

Jamie L. Bolton, 30, 168 Stonebrook Lane, LaFollette, aggravated burglary, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999.

Michael Wayne Bolton, 31, 168 Stonebrook Lane, LaFollette, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999.

Thomas Wayne Bolton, 41, 102 Deans Way, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant, failure to appear, forgery, theft of property under $500.

Tara Bowlin, 22, 1310 Keswick Road, Williamsburg, Ky., possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, violation window tint.

Venus Clara Brown, 57, 362 Rains Street, Williamsburg, Ky., driving under the influence, violation implied consent law, reckless endangerment, dui by consent, resisting arrest, seatbelt law.

Richard L. Bryant, 57, 633 N. 6th. Street, Williamsburg, Ky., felony evading arrest, resisting arrest, driving under the influence, (fourth offense), violation implied consent law, unlawful carrying or possession of a weapon, driving while suspended, speeding, seatbelt law, displaying a suspended drivers license.

Mark Andrew Buttacavoli, 30, 352 Margureitte Road, Knoxville, domestic assault.

Jason Everette Cadle, 28, 229 Housley Lane, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant, theft of property under $500.

Leroy Chiarini, 57, 1340 Loop Road, LaFollette, driving under the influence

James C. Comer, 63, 135 Watt Lane, LaFollette, violation of sexual offender registration act.

John Steven Cotterman, 19, 1527 Long Hollow Road, LaFollette, public intoxication, possession of a legend drug.

Steve Donavon Davis, 32, 199 Country Way Drive, LaFollette, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, criminal trespassing.

Michael Eugene Day Jr., 18, 512 West Ky. Avenue, LaFollette, aggravated assault, vandalism over $500.

Natasha Ann Fox, 25, 5642 White Oak Road, Duff, domestic violence by assault.

Jerry Gault, 24, 384 White Rock Road, Jacksboro, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, assault.

Sherman Douglas Gibson, 26, 272 Sagefield Drive, LaFollette, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, criminal trespassing, theft of property under $500.

Jimmie Ray Goff, 61, 68 Westgate Drive, Somerset, Ky. driving under the influence.

Monica Nicole Goins, 28, 1257 Old Middlesboro Highway, LaFollette, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Gary Lynn Goodman, 25, 924 Vivien Avenue, Lake City, violation of probation.

George Odell Green, 29, 304 College Hill Road, LaFollette, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Kenneth Ray Greene, 25, 174 Brickplant Lane, Jellico, attachment child support.

Carl Greer, 47, 508 Rose Hill, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant.

Carl Greer, 47, 508 Rose Hill, LaFollette, domestic assault.

Jessica Rae Halcomb, 26, 210 Springfield Drive, LaFollette, violation of probation, aggravated burglary, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999.

James William Harrison, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, forgery, theft of property under $500, violation of probation.

Arthur Dale Hill, 44, 10454 Highway 92 East, Williamsburg, Ky., theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, theft of property $500 - $999.

Joni Huddleston, 22, 223 Tennessee Street, Jellico, public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resist stop frisk halt search.

Sally Sue Hurst, 38, 12760 South Loomis, Calumet, Ill., endangerment, filing false report or bomb threat.

Vernon Lee Ivey, 35, 211 North 5th. Street, LaFollette, attachment child support.

Natasha Jaeger, 21, 148 Sugar Hollow Road. Apt. B, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

James Ronnie Jones II, 45, 112 Mountain Side, Lake City, driving under the influence (second offense).

Rebecca Gail Jones, 39, 340 Country Side Circle, Jacksboro, domestic assault, vandalism over $500.

Scottie Lee Kennedy, 36, 148 Sugar Hollow Road, Lafollette, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

John Wesley Lampkin, 29, 240 Hickory Lane, Jacksboro, public intoxication.

Dakota Scott Lane, 20, 109 Pleasant Ridge, Apt. 82, LaFollette, vandalism, disorderly conduct.

David Lyn Lawson, 21, 1106 Ridge Road, Caryville, escape (felony), capias/bench warrant, capias/bench warrant, evading arrest, probation revocation warrant.

Lakin Long, 19, 249 Burning Mountain Drive, LaFollette, under age consumption of alcohol, litter law.

Kayla Manning, 22, 190 Hardin Street, Jellico, public intoxication, disorderly conduct.

Carlos Eugene Marlow, 55, 204 South Tenn. Avenue, Apt. 202, LaFollette, aggravated assault.

Julie Suzanne McCoy, 38, 1331 Slop Creek Road, Russellville, public intoxication.

Janet Miller, 53, 209 North Hill Street, Apt. 101, LaFollette, disorderly conduct.

Larry Bruce Phillips Jr., 33, 504 Hatmaker Ridge Road, Jacksboro, driving on revoked.

Brenda Lea Rucker, 43, 791 Bethlehem Road, LaFollette, capias/bench warrant, criving on revokes/suspended (second offense).

Christopher Brad Shears, 21, 200 Stone Hinge Lane, Apt. F-2, Jacksboro, domestic assault, vandalism.

Jason Bradley Smith, 26, 406 East Fir, LaFollette, resist stop frisk haul search, destruction of evidence.

James Tyler Tomblin, 18, 800 Stiner Lane, LaFollette, possession of drug paraphernalia, driver’s license law, violation light law, violation registration law, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Edward P. Trowbridge, 52, 109 Forest Avenue, Cartersville Ga., violation of probation.

Robert Keith Voyles, 39, 272 Grantsboro Road, LaFollette, hold for another agency.

Angela Maria Wallace, 33, 326 White Rock Road, Jacksboro, violation of probation, capias/bench warrant.

Kenny Wayne Wallace, 42, 326 White Rock Road, Jacksboro, revoked bond, capias/bench warrant, violation of probation.

Michael Eugene Ward, 24, 268 Patty Hill Road, Caryville, driving while revoked.

Christopher Daniel Webb, 37, 1055 Highway 39 East, Englewood, driving while revoked (fourth offense).

Anthony Wayne White, 37, 121 Dogwood Drive, LaFollette, robbery.

Iris Hill Williams, 42, 1115 Lake City Highway, Clinton, capias/bench warrant.

Sierra Faith Wilson, 19, 1623, Jacksboro Pike, LaFollette, under age consumption of alcohol.

Sandy Lee Wright, 51, 233 Vinsant Estates, Jacksboro, aggravated criminal trespass.

Volna Wilder Wright, 38, 913 Cherry Street, LaFollette, domestic assault, assault on a juvenile.

Sheila Sue York, 36, 908 Bethlehem Road, LaFollette, violation of probation.