Public Records Oct. 4, 2012

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.




Claus A. Reinhardt and Faye Reinhardt to Richard Callicoat and Pamela Callicoat, Dist. 2, $40,000.

Brenda Venable, Dorwood Heck, James Dorwood Heck, and Peggy Heck to Orby Greene and Linda Greene, Dist. 1, $82,900.

Dale Dalton and Sally Davis to Bobby Goins and Margaret Goins, Dist. 1, $17,000.

Jeannie R. Weaver to Michael J. Lollar and Karen Lollar, Dist. 3, $63,900.

John Letner and Emma Sue Letner to Ronald Wade Hutson and Evelyn Hutson, Dist. 4, $16,000.

Theodore J. Cwiok and Rosemary Cwiok to Theodore J. Cwiok, Jr. and Rosemary Cwiok, Dist. 2, $1.00.

Patricia M. Smith to Jill A. Sharp, Dist. 1, $58,500.

Arthur G. Casey and Bonnie L. Casey to Shibbey Karnes and Betty Karnes, Dist. 1, $52,000.

Sally Ann Davis and Dale L. Dalton to Bobby Joe Goins and Margaret T. Goins, Dist. 1, $265,000.

Bobby Baire to Guillermo E. Paredes, Jr. and Ann Peredes, Dist. 1, $26,000.

Calvin Ward to Jacob Daugherty, Dist. 2, $95,450.00.

Lisa Regina Rains to Richard Branden Cox, Dist. 1, $90,000.

Brian Reynolds and Cindi Reynolds to Michael A. Young, Dist. 3, $90,500.

Jimmy Troxtell and Ruth Troxtell to Rebo Inc, Cumberland Sea Ray Company, Dist. 3, $200,000.

Sasho Cirovski and Shannon Cirovski to Sasho Cirovski and Shannon Cirovski, Dist. 2.

Homer Douglas to Gregory Nakoneczny, Dist. 4, $28,000.




Shapiro and Kirsch, Dist. 3, $120,700.

Wilson and Associates to United States Housing and Urban Development, Dist. 1.

Wilson and Associates to Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc., Dist. 1, $35,000.




Rodney Lee Bowlin and Elizabeth Marie Hall Hoes, 89 Fair View Lane, Williamsburg, Ky.

Brice Randall Dick and Laurie Ann Greenwood, 214 Park Place Road, Caryville.

David Alberto Escalante and Regina De Assis Guimaraes, 230 Hoot Owl Hollow Lane, Jellico.

Christopher Eugene King and Michelle Elizabeth Jones, 168 East Davis Lane, Jellico.

Joshua James Monday and Nora Kay Kendrick, P.O. Box 721, Caryville.

Randy Lee Skaluba and C.J. Napier, 5427 Yorkshire Terrace Drive, Columbus, Ohio.






Sharon Renee Bolton Walterhus v. Robin Lee Walterhus, divorce.

Kasondra Dasha Clark v. Samantha Clark, order of protection.

Shane McGhee v. Tabetha Karr, order of protection

Karlessa Dawn Wilson v. Kristi Abercrombie, order of protection.

Karlessa Dawn Wilson v. Derek DeYoung, order of protection.

Daniel M. Loyd v. Darien Noe, order of protection.

Sandra Lynn Tackett v. Johnny R Tackett, order of protection.

Angela Dawn Riggs Bolton v. Lewis Edgar Bolton, divorce.

Kathy Ann Owens v. Christopher Lee Mason, order of protection.

Ralph Johnson v. Carolyn Teague, divorce.





April Dawn Allen, 32, 227 Davis Road, LaFollette, theft of property under $500.

Roger Scott Bilingsley, 35, 1983 Demory Road, domestic assault, child abuse and neglect.

Delora Tine Book, 50, 12 Breakers Court, Clinton, court imposed to serve time.

Erica Brooke Bowling, 28, 241 Fountain Lane, LaFollette, driving under influence, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of schedule IV controlled substance.

Tony B. Bramlett, 41, 111 Sukey Hollow Road, Williamsburg, Ky, driving while revoked/suspended, possessin of suspened license, capias.

Eric James Brandenburg, 37, 110 Sunset Drive, LaFollette, driving while revoked, seatbelt law, violation light law.

Michael Ryan Bruce, 34, 123 Justice Lane, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Joshua E. Chambers, 24, 510 W. Hemlock St., capias, felony evading arrest, driving while revoked, felony reckless endangerment, violation light law, possession of a legend drug.

Ricky Dewyne Cook Sr., 47, 104 Ali Lane, Jacksboro, court imposed to serve time.

Thomas Doyle Crowe, 18, 137 Spruce Lane, Caryville, under age consumption, possession of schedule II controlled substance.

Derek Keith Davis, 30, 1374 Pinecrest Road, Jacksboro, aggravated burglary, theft of property $10,000 – $59,999.

Zachary Shane Tyler Davis, 22, 135 Republican Hill Road, Newcomb, felony evading arrest, drag racing.

Marsha Ellan Farmer, 45, 502 E. Hemlock, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Justin Drew Foster, 25, 2796 Hinds Creek Road, Heiskell, aggravated assault by domestic violence, domestic violence by assault.

Sherman Douglas Gibson, 27, 272 Sagefield Drive, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Victor Lee Henderson, 19, 1228 Towe String Road, Jacksboro, maintain lane, violation light law, no driver’s license.

Loretta L. Herron, 32, 126 S. Ave., Knoxville, theft of property under $500.

Kenneth Dewayne Jordan, 29, 508 W. Walden St., LaFollette, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on revoked.

Lonnie Wayne Justice, 65, 626 Wooldridge Pike, Jellico, court imposed to serve time.

Terry Kennedy, 55, 129 Harmon Lane, Caryville, aggravated assault.

Howard Steven King, 26, 330 Archer Center Lane, Clairfield, violation of probation, resist stop frisk halt search, evading arrest, resisting arrest, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Henry J. Lawson, 58, 205 Rev. H.D. Lawson Road, Williamsburg, court imposed to serve time.

Marshall David Lawson,43, 927 Patty Hill Road, Caryville, attachment child support.

Antonio Cephus Linton, 34, 193 Wills Lane, LaFollette, domestic assault.

Sean Ryan Morris, 21, 156 Dogwood Dr., LaFollette, felony evading arrest, drag racing, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Marvin Lynn Moyers, 27, 1723 Lynch Hollow Road, LaFollette, theft over $500, evading arrest, filing false report or bomb threat.

Dusty Arloraine Napier, 31, 311 Rose Hill, Drive, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Christopher Ryan Phillips, 23, 1212 West Walden Street, LaFollette, capias.

Melanie Jon Phillips, 20, 204 Ridenour Lane Apt 212, Jacksboro, underage consumption.

Steve Allen Phillips, 39, 1223 Ridge Road, Caryville, possession of schedule II controlled substance, promotion of meth manufacture, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Teddy Ray Rice, Jr., 26, 118 Sawmill Circle, LaFollette, theft of property $1000 - $9,999.

Donald Joe Ridenour, 28, 407 West Walden, LaFollette, capias.

Melissa Ann Rigney, 45, 144 Lewis White Lane, LaFollette, possession of schedule IV controlled substance, possession of schedule II controlled substance.

Nelson E. Shaw, 48, 1476 Long Hollow Road, LaFollette, violation light law, violation of financial law, driving while revoked.

Johnny Patton Silcox, 48, 197 E. Elm St., LaFollette, habitual motor vehicle offender.

Brian Lynn Sipos, 40, 145 Park Place Road, Caryville, capias.

Michael Anthony Tackett, 40, 145 Kilgore Circle, LaFollette, driving under influence, failure to dim lights.

James Alfred Truitt II, 28, 181 Kay Springs Road, Jacksboro, contributing to a minor, capias.

Ed Junior Walden, 29, 903 Kyle St., LaFollette, domestic assault.

Andrea Elaine Wallace, 26, 134 Pleasant Lane, LaFollette, driving while revoked, attachment child support.

Katlynn Jean Willoughby, 22, 310 Linden Circle, LaFollette, capias.

Steve Warren Zecchini, 48, 275 Brick Plant, Jellico, tampering with evidence, possessing a firearm in community of felony.