Public Records Sept. 13, 2012

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.



June Sampsel to Mary Sams, Dist. 3, $155,000.

Kenneth R. Arendt to Allen F. Leising and Kristina M. Leising, Dist. 2, $125,000.

Shirley Weaver, Melinda Hall, Glen Hall to Leaona Velvet Carr and Velvet Shelley, Dist. 5, $26,500.

Elizabeth Dennis to Teddy Eugene Forrester, Dist. 1, $4,000.

William Donald Siler to William Donald Siler and Faye G. Siler, Dist. 1.

Thomas Chadwell to Thomas Chadwell and Thelma Jean Chadwell, Dist. 3.

David G. Douglas and Sylvia E. Douglas to Shanna B. Angel, Dist. 3, $119,000.

Barry W. King and Sharon Kay King to Shery Jean Hoskins and Elmer C. Hoskins, Dist. 2, $1,000.

Douglas Cooney to Barbara Neitzel, Dist. 3, $1.000.

Paul Provins III to Otis J. Hatfiled and Amanda Rose Hatfiled, Dist. 3, $84,000.

Okey Jackson to Robby Lowe and Rhonda Lowe, Dist. 3, $1,200.

Tony Kitts to Emil Anderson and Doris Anderson, Dist. 1, $100,000.

James C. Valentour and Georgia W. Valentour to William Jay Sams and Ronna Marie Sams, Dist. 2, $275,000.



Joe Woody to United States of America, Dist. 2.

Arnold M. Weiss to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Dist. 1.



Oscar Funes to Oscar Funes, 453 Park Road.




Anna Roark v. Dakota Roark, order of protection.

Mary Leeann Brumitte v. Robert Brumitte, order of protection.

Jackie Webber v. Jeremy Shane Cox, order of protection.

Sharon Wilson v. Eric Sweat, order of protection.

Tammy Terry v. Ricky Terry, order of protection.

Brittany Bowlin V. Christy Joe Ali, order of protection.





William Anthony Baird and Mallory Lynn Adkins, 153 Mount Paran Loop, Jacksboro.

Zachary Madison Burns and Megan Leah Wheeler, 202 Springfield Lane, Jacksboro.

Jerry Michael Silcox and Michelle Ann Mae Douglas, 333 Eagle Bluff Road, Jacksboro.

Justin Eugene Young and Jessica Ray Bertram, 1308 Loop Road, Apt. 112, LaFollette.

Willard Dewayne Young and Tammy Melissa Lane Hill, P.O. Box 445, LaFollette.




Angela Renea Allen, 42, 262 Bill Brown Lane, court imposed to serve time.

Darick J. Benoit, 36, 146 Henderson Lane, Jacksboro, aggravated assault.

Jessie Ray Bernard, 37, 406 N. 13th St., LaFollette, public intoxication, domestic assault, disorderly conduct.

Timothy Lee Berry, 27, 139 Summer Road, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Roger Dale Blakenship, 43, 4768 Victory Road, LaFollette, capias, domestic violence by assault, attachment child support.

Cody Shane Bolton, 23, 1616 Monteagle Falls Road, Monteagle, violation of probation.

Jimmy Bolton, 137 S. Highway 25W, LaFollette, disorderly conduct.

Matthew Bolton, 30, 1037 S. Highway 25W, LaFollette, disorderly conduct.

Joshua D. Boswell, 24, 11054 Syracuse St., Taylor, Mich., simple possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Dennis Burris, Jr., 23, 2408 Highway 116, Caryville, aggravated burglary, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, burglary, theft of property $500 - $999.

Christopher Lee Byrge, 40, 239 Breeze Way Lane, Caryville, violation of probation, attachment child support.

Hector Carrera, 32, 306 S. Cumberland Ave., LaFollette, driving under influence, driver’s license law, driving on wrong side of road.

Thomas Doyle Crowe, Jr., 18, 157 Spruce Lane, Caryville, public intoxication.

Douglas McAuthur Dais Jr., 44, 206 East Bowman Circle, attachment child support.

Timothy E Dice, 47, 7510 Hornewood #102, Houston Texas, public intoxication, hold for another agency, public intoxication.

Michael Albert, Douglas, 52, 193 West Davis Lane, Jellico, capias.

Todd Parker Erdman, 53, 615 Lake Drive Lane, LaFollette, failure to maintain control of vehicle, driving under influence, violation implied consent law.

Robert Wayne Evans, 29, 159 Tartown Hollow Lane, LaFollette, public intoxication, aggravated criminal trespass.

Joshua Richard Gibson, 23, 1761 Lumstrunk Road, Strunk, Ky., driving while suspended, traffic control device, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Daniel Goins, 49, 2144 Bethleham Road, LaFollette, driving while revoked, driving under influence, possession of schedule IV controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving left of center.

Anthony Tobias Green, Jr., 25, 3670 William Paul Drive, Austell, Ga., driving while suspended.

Daniel Scott Hawkins, 42, 352 Bowling Road, Lake City, attachment child support, driving while revoked.

Lindsey Brooke Holmes, 20, 585 Carr Wynn Road, LaFollette, violation registration law, driving while suspended.

Michael Aaron Ivey, 22, 220 High Cliff Lane, Jellico, public intoxication.

Fred Thomas Jones Jr., 57, 139 Loop Valley Road, hold for another agency.

Richard D Joseph, 45, 913 W. Chestnut St., LaFollette, criminal impersonation, filing false report or bomb threat, possession of schedule II controlled substance, drug fraud.

Lonnie Wayne Justice, 65, 626 Woolridge Pike, Jellico, court imposed to serve time.

Erica Renee Kidd, 28, 994 Pinecrest Road, Jacksboro, theft of property under $500, possession of a legend drug, possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of schedule IV controlled substance, possession of schedule III controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Lowell W. Ladd, 31, 153 Chapel View Drive, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time, introduction contraband in penal institution.

Christopher Jamie Lane, 38, 273 Lawson Lane, Jacksboro, criminal trespassing, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, vandalism over $1,000.

Freda Lawson, 41, 2263 Anderson Highway 29 Lot 12, Hartwell, Ga., aggravated assault.

David D. Lewallen, 27, 2946 Old Highway 27, Robbins, hold for another agency.

Joshua Logan Lyke, 22, 446 Douglas Lane, Jellico, driving while revoked, violation light law, expired tags.

Michael Jason Martin, 40, 503 W. 4th St., LaFollette, driving while revoked/suspended.

Kenneth Odean Mcintyre, 49, 6393 Elberton Highway Dewy Road, Hartwell, GA, retaliation past action, aggravated assault.

Allen Boyd Miller, 47, 411 Longmire Lane, LaFollette, capias.

Elbert Lee Moore, 44, 161 Ginney Lane, LaFollette, aggravated assault by domestic violence.

Dusty Arloraine Napier, 31, 311 Rose Hill Drive, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Angela Lynn Obrien, 34, 122 London Ave., Jellico, capias, violation of probation, attachment child support.

Andrew Terris Odell, 23, 906 E. Ash St., LaFollette, public intoxication, reckless endangerment.

Jeanette Overbey, 22, 125 Pike Lane, Caryville, capias.

Travis Jamal Parks, 21, 485 Jones Trailer Lane, LaFollette, domestic assault, capias.

Cody Matthew Patterson, 25, 114 Springs Lane, LaFollette, violation of probation.

Donald Anthony Ridenour, 26, 4668 S. Highway 25W, LaFollette, theft of property under $500, possession of schedule IV controlled substance, driving under influence, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation implied consent law.

Joseph Wayne Ryder, 32, 5103 White Oak Road, Duff, court imposed to serve time.

Verlinda L. Savage, 40, 131 Delreo Lane, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Samantha Denise Scott, 31, 276 Adam Hollow Lane, Pioneer, hold for another agency.

Leroy Sexton, 55, 204 Jacksboro Plaza, public intoxication.

Steven C Sexton, 53, 921 Letner Road, Helenwood, hold for another agency.

George Keith Sharp, 40, 304 Sharp Drive, lake City, capias.

Donald Bradley Shown, 33, 2155 Pinecrest Road, Jacksboro, domestic assault.

Ashley Nicole Silcox, 22,345 Cedar Circle, Jacksboro, violation of probation .

Christopher Cody Simpkins, 25, 1016 Elk Fork Road, Pioneer, capias.

Britton Jennings Slover, 37, 452 Blue Springs Road, Speedwell, capias.

Jonathan Ray Smith, 22, 1086 Bethlehem Road, LaFollette, domestic assault.

Candace Kay Stamper, 53, 549 S. Sudenney Lane, LaFollette, theft of property under $500.

Todd Matthew Streetmen, 25, 337 Cowan Lane, Lafollette, drug fraud.

Clinton  Lee Swain, 33, 514 N. 23rd St., LaFollette, domestic assault.

Michelle Nicole Tickle, 33, 913 W. Chestnut St., LaFollette, criminal impersonation, giving false information to officer, theft of property under $500.

Franklin Edward Wallace, 28, 130 Grant Cove Lane, Murphy, NC, violation of probation, capias, theft of property 4500 - $999, vandalism.

Nathan E Ward, 24, 321 Countryside Circle, Jacksboro, burglary, theft of property under 4500, capias.

Christopher Watson, 25, 216 Donna Lane, LaFollette, driving while suspeneded, violation light law.

Bobby Garland Webb, 48, 26A Middleton Road, Cranks, Ky., public intoxication.

Adam Ray Whisman, 35, Jones Lane, Hazel Green, Ky., driving while revoked/suspended, violation of a protective order.

Jackson Tyler White, 21, 708 E. Central Ave., LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Joey Ray White, 42, 308 N. 21st St., LaFollette, possession of drug paraphernalia, seatbelt law, drivers license law.

Brian Edward Williams, 32, 3232 Old Highway 63, Speedwell, capias, violation of probation.

Felicia N Williams, 26, 445 Habersham Road, Duff, attachment child support.

Ethan Douglas Wilson, 21, 359 Elkfork Road, 21, 359 Elkfork Road, Pioneer, driving while revoked, violation of Tennessee financial law, violation light law.

Karlessa D Wilson, 23, 114 Springs Lane, capias.

Michael Steven Wilson, 48, 1330 S. Floyd St., Louisville, Ky., possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Josh Aaron Woodall, 27, 107 Lindon Drive, Sumerset, Ky., theft of property under $500.

Gracie Lynn Wright, 30, 329 Stiner Lane, LaFollette, capias.

Steve Warren Zecchini, 47, 275 Brick Plant, Jellico, driving under influence, violation light law, seatbelt law.