Public records for the week of Nov. 8. 2012

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Editor’s Note: Readers are cautioned that some names may be the same as or similar to other members of the community.




Ayers LP to Arthur J. Dubois and Paula M. Dubois, Dist. 1, $39,900.

James A. Barnes and Nancy R. Barnes to David Eltringham and Susan Eltringham, Dist. 2, $24,000.

Tim Hill to Penny S. Saylor, Dist. 3, $78,000.

United States Housing Authority to Harold Dean Rutherford and Mary Kathryn Rutherford, Dist. 4, $20,000.

Barry W. King and Sharon Kay King to Springs Dock Resort, Dist. 2, $10,000.

David A. Nishwitz and Lisa A. Nishwitz to Michael C. Scarpa and Traci L. Scarpa, Dist. 2, $149,000.

Marvin H. Miller, Susan C. Miller, James C. Robinson, and Fumiko Robinson to Judy Bowling and Clois Bowling, Dist. 3, $900.

Barry Gregory to David Rose, Dist. 5, $32,000.

Michael George and Heather George to John Frye and Mary Frye, Dist. 1, $68,000.

Burl Conn and Barbara Conn to Billy Partin, Dist. 3, $50,000.

Lloyd Benton Harris II and Linda Harris to Don Wayne Claiborne and Tammy Claiborne, Dist. 1, $500.

Kevin B. Davis and Jamie Davis to Joshua J. Monday and Nora K. Kendrick, Dist. 3, $229,000.

June Sampsel to George Wilson and Joyce Wilson, Dist. 3, $180,000.

Barbara Summers to Ray G. Bolton and Beulah E. Bolton, Dist. 1, $77,500.

Veltina Tackett Phillips to Anita Gibson, Dist. 6, $200.





Angela Boyd to United States Housing and Urban Development, Dist. 3.




Cody H. Collins and Samantha Nicole Stagnolia, 243 Johnson Lane, Jacksboro.

Brent Allen Griffith and Amanda Deshea Gulley, 11 Stonemill Road Apt G3, Jacksboro.

Wayne Kelley and Lois Lorene Powers Collins, 234 Patty Hill Road Apt 2, Caryville.

Jamshid Wayne Nikzad and Heather Adkins Adkins Boshears, 536 Young Road, LaFollette.

Roy Joseph Quire and Charlotte Jean Siler Braden, 296 Lake Drive Lane, LaFollette.

Billy Nathaniel Russell and Donna Jean Corner, 431 Mt. Perkins Lane, Jacksboro.

Scott Richard Shafer and Angela Renee Salada, 135 Countryside Circle, Jacksboro.





Judgment Amount






Lisa Hansard v. Jerry Hansard, order of protection.

Ida Louise King v. Joey William King, divorce.

Carlene Woodson v. Michael Ward, order of protection.

April Dawn Pierce Miller v. David Hugh Miller, divorce.

Clifford Bullock v. Darla Michelle Lobertini Bullock, divorce.

Lisa E. Crumpley v. Warren E. Crumpley Sr., divorce.

Ashley Rauhuff v. Fredrick Ruhuff, order of protection.






Alicia Lillian Ausmus, 28, Motel 6 Room #220, Caryville, public intoxication.

Jonathan Lafette Ausmus, 31, Motel 6 Room 205, Caryville, theft of property, under $500.

Joshua Lee Baird, 26, 5483 S. Highway 25W, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Clifford Lee Bolton, 43, 592 Four Road, LaFollette, driving under influence, violation implied consent law.

Matthew Bolton, 31, 1037 S. 25W, LaFollette, violation of probation, capias.

Katrina Nicole Bolton, 31, 1311 N. 13th St., LaFollette, forgery, fraudulent use of credit card, identity theft, theft of property under $500, attempted fraudulent use of credit card.

Joseph M. Brooks, 37, 3890 Old Middlesboro Highway, Speedwell, violation of parole.

Doris Kay Brooks, 49, 114 W. Chestnut St., LaFollette, violation of parole.

Angela J. Broyles, 25, 252 Church St., Jellico, capias.

Dustin Jacob Bullock, 21, 127 Water St., Jacksboro, domestic violence.

Donald Lee Burke, 38, 1104 Rose Hill Drive, LaFollette, court imposed to serve time.

Aaron James Burress, 32, 182 Foust Lane, Lake City, attachment child support.

Jason Dale Burrows, 34, 151 Edgewood Road, Candler, NC, felony possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia.

Darrell Jason Carroll, 38, 1642 Old Jacksboro Pike, LaFollette, driving under influence, violation implied consent law, leaving scene of accident, filing false report or bomb threat.

Christopher Chitwood, 18, 185 Pleasant Valley Lane, Jacksboro, hold for agency.

James Everette Creech, 36, 793 Straight Branch Road, Speedwell, here for court date.

Kelly Bruce Dople, 43, 197 E. Elm St., LaFollette, capias.

Gary David Downing, 35, 167 Beals Avenue, LaFollette, sale of schedule II controlled substance, delivery of schedule II.

Miguel Margarito Francisco, 28, 2709 Johnston St., Knoxville, public intoxication.

Gary Wayne Ellis, 56, 1705 Green Well Drive, Knoxville, driving under influence, no driver’s license, possession of schedule IV controlled substance.

Tomas Francisco, 29, 1509 Ely Ave., Knoxville, driving under influence, open container law, no driver’s license.

Amanda Kay Garrett, 30, 772 Niggs Creek Road, Oneida, hold for another agency.

Frank Wesley George, 21, 152 Cliff Side Drive, LaFollette, theft of property under $500, forgery.

Kristy Lynn Griffith, 41, 135 Starz Lane, Jacksboro, driving under influence, traffic control device, failure to maintain control of vehicle, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Samuel Scott Hill, 22, 127 Lacey Lane, Caryville, capias.

Marsha Lynn Hill, 38, 117 Michael Lane, Jacksboro, driving while revoked, violation of Tennessee financial law, failure to maintain control of vehicle.

Patrick Lynn Henderson, 26, 1332 Suma Drive, Knoxville, contempt of court.

Jamie A. Hoover, 22, 261 Brick Plant Lane, Newcomb, theft of property, vandalism, vandalism over $4,500, criminal trespassing, filing false report or bomb threat, possession of drug paraphernalia, evading arrest, violation of probation.

Richard D. Joseph, 45, 1818 Jacksboro Pike, LaFollette, public intoxication, aggravated burglary.

Shelley Ann Keith, 31, 841 Main Street, Jacksboro, public intoxication.

Stacy Lee Kitts, 35, homeless, Caryville, attachment child support, possession of schedule VI controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia.

David M. King, 28, 924 Woolridge Pike, Jellico, aggravated assault by domestic violence, aggravated assault.

Joseph Crockett King, 30, 1137 Spruce Lane, Caryville, criminal trespassing.

Jay Lay Jr., 54, 572 Sled Creek Road, Duff, capias.

Tommy Leon Lamberson, 21, 673 Powell Valley Shore Circle, Speedwell, burglary, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999, theft of property $500 - $999, theft of property under $500.

Nathaniel Leinart, 332, 367 Vowell Road, Briceville, court imposed to serve time.

Antonio Cephus Linton, 34, 1010 Pine Hollow Road, Jacksboro, capias.

William Penn Livingston, 74, 413 S. Indiana Ave., LaFollette, probation revocation warrant.

Mindy Kathleen McGhee, 27, 250 Hatmaker Ridge Road, Jacksboro, theft of property under $500.

Pamela M. McNeil, 48, 204 S. Tennessee Ave., public intoxication.

Theodore Franklin Moritz, 28, 117 Beech Street, LaFollette, drivers license law, traffic control device.

Sam Saunders Morris, 49, 933 Bellows Avenue, Columbus Ohio, capias.

Charles O. Owens Sr., 41, 503 E. Prospect St., LaFollette, aggravated burglary, theft of property $1,000 - $9,999.

Charles Oliver Owens Jr., 18, 503 E. Prospect, LaFollette, aggravated burglary, theft of property $1000 - $9,999.

Jason C. Parks, 22, 447 Park Road, Caryville, capias, seatbelt law, driving while suspended, violation registration law, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Tammy Lynn Perry, 47, Iron St., LaFollette, capias.

James Perry Phillips, 33, 1013 Briceville Highway, Lake City, driving while revoked, violation of Tennessee financial law,displaying a revoked driver’s license.

Lewis Delbert Randolph, 41, 127 Boxwood Lane, Newcomb, public intoxication, resist stop frisk halt search.

Fredrick Rauhuff, 25, 512 N. 27th Street, Jacksboro, domestic assault.

Jason S. Roe, 45, 414 B 15th St., Williamsburg, Ky., petition to revoke suspended sentence.

James Adam Sanchez, 37, 514 N. 19th St., LaFollette, robbery, theft of property $500 -$999.

Christopher Brad Shears, 22, 200 Stone Hinge Lane Apt. F2, Jacksboro, driving while suspended.

Cleveland Shoupes, Jr., 37, 228 Midway Circle, Jacksboro, capias, violation of probation.

Jackie Carroll Smith, 48, 900 W. Iron St., leaving scene of accident, driving while revoked, violation registration law, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Cory R. Standford, 22, 2718 W. Catalpa Ave., Chicago, IL, hit and run, violation of Tennessee financial law, reckless driving, leaving scene of accident, violation of registration law.

Ashley Marie Sulzberger, 21, 229 Fountain Lane, LaFollette, driving under influence.

Leah Anne Taylor, 23, 188 Shores Drive, Speedwell, forgery, theft of property under $500.

John Roy Tekesh, 45, 1000 Unit F, Deer Creek  Road, Surf Side Beach, SC, domestic violence by assault.

Joanie Lee Thomas, 43, 246 Sharp AC, Jacksboro, driving while suspended, violation of Tennessee financial law.

Adam Daniel Thomas, 33, 206 Hickory Hills, LaFollette, aggravated assault.

Michelle Nicole Tickle, 34, 1818 Jacksboro Pike, LaFollette, auto burglary, violation of probation.

Timothy Wayne Turben, 31, 123 Justice Lane, LaFollette, child abuse and neglect.

Alejandro Ramos Vazquez, 24, 112 Poplar Lane, Jacksboro, violation of Tennessee financial law, no driver’s license.

Godofredo Camilo Villegas, 24, 123 Baird Lane, Jacksboro, no drivers license, failure to give a signal.

Justin Cody Webb, 21, 607 E. Hemlock, LaFollette, theft of property under $500.

Robert R. Williams, 57, 307 East Forrest Street, LaFollette, public intoxication.

Brian Keith Wilson, 42, 310 Rose Hill Drive, LaFollette, capias.

James Paul York, 27, 963 Davis Chapel, LaFollette, theft of property under $500, forgery.