The ramifications of selling narcotics

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Sheriff Robbie Goins

   I have received several inquiries about last week’s surplus auction that was held in the Grace Rehabilitation parking lot.

To start with it was very well attended. In my estimation we had over 500 people turn out to either bid or just view the vehicles and various other items the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department had on the auction block.

We sold over 30 vehicles that had been seized as a result of narcotics and DUI operations conducted by the sheriff’s department.

The seizures and subsequent auctions have a dual purpose.

First off- for those who break the law know that we will take control of your possessions. There is nothing you have that we can’t and won’t take from you. And once we have taken it we will then take the necessary steps to become the rightful owners of your property and sell it.

Those are the consequences for people who break the law.

Any money made by auctioning off your items will go directly back into the department’s drug fund. Those monies will then be used to continue fighting the trafficking of narcotics in Campbell County.

The sheriff’s department will use the proceeds to fund the DARE program, fund the K-9 program and provide training for our officers.

The DARE program educates area youth about the dangers of substance abuse. Helping our children understand this is a preventive measure.

The K-9 program is part of the answer to current problem, as is training. These two counter measures help us in curbing the spread of the county’s drug problems.

Our efforts to fight drugs in Campbell County aren’t slowing down.

This is a continuous battle that can and will be funded by those who are selling drugs and breaking the law.