Reader urges voting against retention of judges

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To the editor:

Today, we are announcing the formation of the Coalition to Let the Voters Decide.  From 1835 until 1973, the voters of the State of Tennessee elected our Appellate and Supreme Court Judges. During that time, the voters elected some of the best judges to ever serve.

In 1973, the state legislature took our right to elect Appellate and Supreme Court judges away. We want that right back. Every elected official should be responsible to the voters. 

The current system allows politicians to appoint judges to the Appellate and Supreme Court. Always, political cronies are appointed, Democrat or Republican.  This important decision should be made by the voters, not the politicians. We appeal to all voters of all party affiliations to return this right to elect judges to the people.

If you want to join our effort, vote no on retention of all Appellate and Supreme Court judges. Send the message to politicians to return the vote to the people.

Join our effort.


Tony Hagan, President, Coalition to Let the Voters Decide

301 North Public Square

Smithville, TN  37166