Reading program ends with grins and giggles

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By Melissa Indelicato

The LaFollette Public Library Summer Reading Program came to an end Tuesday morning with young readers and their families crowded into LaFollette City Hall for one last day of fun.

Reading or just listening to at least 100 books won 68 children a bright green t-shirt and a certificate.

In only five short weeks these determined little scholars read a compilation of 8,645 books.  Rachel Branham, the overachiever in the group, had the most reads with 210 books. Thirty- four children who took part didn’t miss one session of the program all summer.

The kids also got to choose their favorite manuscript from a colorful stack of books to take home with them. They had Junie B., First Grader Cheater Pants, Hotdog Bob and the Seriously Scary Attack of the Evil Alien Pizza Person and many more to pick from.

After everyone received their goodies it was time for some pizza in Sergeant Park. But the kids were devastated when they were only allowed one slice their first go-around.

When the kids were done with their pizza they wiped their greasy little fingers off on the monkey bars. Slowly but surely they left all laughter, smiles and sunshine at the park to part ways until next summer’s program.

It’s only fitting the last day of the reading program was dedicated to the children and all their hard work this summer.

“I can’t wait to see you all next summer and really hope I see you year round,” Library Director Nancy Green said.