Record field but no record times at Cove Lake

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By Dwane Wilder

After setting course records the past two years, the field was significantly slower Saturday morning for the 10th annual Cove Lake 5K road race. Jeff Day and Patrick Gildea — a pair of 20-something former University of Tennessee runners who set course records in 2008 — didn’t come close to their times from last summer’s race but did finish first and second, respectively, for the second consecutive year.

Perhaps it was the heat and humidity, but Day was over a minute and a half off his record-shattering pace of a year ago. He and Gildea ran neck-and-neck down the stretch, with Day nosing ahead at the tape to win the race in 16 minutes, 42 seconds.

Nineteen-year-old Greg Cooper of Knoxville finished a distant third with a time of 17:30.

Kathy Wolski, age 43 of Knoxville, was the first woman across the finish line. She placed seventh overall and completed the race in 18:47.

Rounding out the top 10 was Eric Vandervort  (male masters champion) of Clinton, 4th; Bo Vinsant of Jacksboro, 5th; Ian Murphy of Maryville, 6th; Katie Flaute, 8th; Ethan Johnson of Norris, 9th; and Andrew Gilligan of Cincinnati, 10th.

This year’s set a record for entrees with 305 registered runners, up 79 from a year ago.

Female masters champion was Valerie Bachmann of Knoxville. Grandmasters champions were Terry Gray (female) of Jacksboro and James Cooper of Knoxville.

The top three runners in each age group are listed as follows.

Male 70-79: Jerry McCreary, first place, LaFollette; Bill Woodrick, second place, Knoxville; Rog Hollingsworth, third place, Knoxville.

Female 70-99: Jo Lay, first place, Knoxville; Patty Reece, second place, Oak Ridge.

Male 60-69: Langston Shelton, first place, Yorktown (Va.); Robert Davidson, second place, Johnson City; Charles Guy, third place, LaFollette.

Female 60-69: Phyllis Sizemore, first place, Knoxville; Ann Higginbotham, second place, LaFollette; Joan Maney, third place, Oneida.

Male 55-59: Steve Lemay, first place, Ringgold, (Ga.); Keith Hall, second place, Knoxville; Jerry Bynum, third place, Jacksonville.

Female 55-59: Ruby Vickery, first place, Clinton; Leann Adkins, second place, Jacksboro; Patti Bradsher, third place, Oak Ridge.

Male 50-54: Tony Branam, first place, Jacksboro; Jeff Asberry, second place, Helenwood; Chris Sentell, third place, Seymour.

Female 50-54: Elizabeth Long, first place, Morristown; Ceil Ouwerkerk, second place, Cincinnati; Rita Henson, third place, LaFollette.

Male 45-49: David Winchester, first place, Knoxville; Billy Glen Kennedy, second place, Lancing; Mike Smith, third place, Jacksboro.

Female 45-49: Laurie Gregory, first place, Knoxville; Sabrina Brewer, second place, Oliver Springs; Billie Ann Evans, third place, Jacksboro.

Male 40-44: Ray Wilson, first place, Powell; Mark Hickey, second place, Alcoa; Joe Bedford, third place, Knoxville.

Female 40-44: Marsha Morton, first place, LaFollette; Cindy Slaven, second place, Allardt; Nancy White, third place, Maynardville.

Male 35-39: Bo Vinsant, first place, Jacksboro; Doug Foster, second place, LaFollette; Tim Zupancic, third place, Caryville.

Female 35-39: Julie Zupancic, first place, Caryville; Jennifer Wolfenbarger, second place, Seymour; Tanya Walden, third place, Jacksboro.

Male 30-34: Jim Hall, first place, Knoxville; Paul Kardol, second place, Knoxville; Stephen Frederickson, third place, Knoxville.

Female 30-34: Holly Sayne, first place, Seymour; Nicole Brown, second place, Jacksboro; Tammy Buckner, third place, Newcomb.

Male 25-29: David Carrell, first place, Knoxville; Cale Sentell, second place, Seymour; Brian Chapman, third place, Caryville.

Female 25-29: Kayla Bittner, first place, Knoxville; Melissa Davis, second place, Jacksboro; Jana Freels, third place, Sunbright.

Male 20-24: Phillip Massey, first place, Hendersonville; Colby Summers, second place, Knoxville; Damon Johnson, third place, Jacksboro.

Female 20-24: Jessica Piispanen, first place, Jacksboro; Kendra Flowers Black, second place, Jamestown; Ashley Outhouse, Oak Ridge.

Male 15-19: Ian Murphy, first place, Maryville; Ethan Johnson, second place, Norris; Andrew Gilligan, third place, Cincinnati.

Female 15-19: Lauren Evans, first place, Jacksboro; Holly Johnson, second place, Norris; Lindsay Evans, third place, Jacksboro.

Male 1-14: Brandon Long, first place, Caryville; Nathan Rupeka, second place, Knoxville; Cord Johnson, third place, Norris.

Female 1-14: Camille Reynolds, first place, LaFollette; Rose Winchester, second place, Knoxville; Rachel Blackwell, third place, Jacksboro.