Roger’s Group completes Mullis Trail project

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Last week, Roger’s Group finished a project on Mullis Trail that was begun about a month ago. The delay caused residents to have to park in the street for a few weeks.
Initially, a curb was put on both sides of the street in order to keep drainage from running into the residents’ yards. However, the height of the curb prevented them from parking in their driveways.
Four Mullis Trail residents came to the LaFollette City Council meeting on Nov. 6 to voice concerns about the project.
“We’re having some serious issues with the way this project’s being done, the way it started out,” Bill Ryan said. “How is this going to be resolved? It’s unsightly, we would like to have some answers.”
LaFollette Street Department Head Jim Mullins told these residents Roger’s Group had to finish paving the street, bringing it up to level, before any other options could be explored.
City council member Hansford Hatmaker encouraged the residents to wait for the project to be completed.
“Give us the opportunity to get in there and finish it up,” he said. “If you give us the opportunity, we’ll fix the problem for you.”
Mullins was at a standstill until Roger’s Group finished paving.
“We’ve just got to wait for them to get the asphalt down,” he said. “Just got to do it one step at a time. If that takes care of the problem, good. If it doesn’t, we’ll to address it and take care of it from there.”
Last Week Roger’s Group laid the surface course, or final layer, on Mullis Trail, said Kelly McCartt, estimator for Roger’s Group.
The paving Roger’s Group completed last week resolved the problems initially created by the height of the curb, Mullins said. The residents now have access to their driveways.
“The asphalt took care of it,” Mullins said. “I already checked with all the people down there, and they’re okay with it.”
The project was also a success in regards to its intended purpose, which is to keep drainage out of the resident’s yards, Mullins said.
The street department has been working since Monday to backfill behind the curb. This involves spreading dirt behind the curb, bringing the level of the residents’ yards up to the level of the curb. The street department will also sew seed, and mulch in the soil. The project should be complete in a matter of days, Mullins said.
“It depends on the weather,” Mullins said. “If it don’t get muddy. It’s something we have to do when the soil is workable.”