Royce offers numerous excuses for implosion

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By Susan Sharp

  Supertang has come and gone.

While many are attempting to make sense of what happened and who is to blame for the train wreck it became- I want to point out who is not to blame.

In recent weeks I was in communication with Hal Royce, the mastermind behind the event.

Throughout our conversations he kept telling me the “community was not supporting Supertwang.”

When I arrived at the event on Saturday just as the meltdown was beginning, Royce again echoed that sentiment. But when I exited the little blockhouse he would later lock the door to that is not what I saw.

The first person I walked into was Daniel Lawson, of the Campbell County Rural Fire Service and LaFollette Rescue Squad. A few minutes later I saw at least four Campbell County Deputies. Along with seeing Jay Muncy, of the county’s emergency management system. And by the way- none of the county’s emergency or first responders was paid for their services.

As I made my way across the farm being used for the event I continued to see faces from Campbell County. There were a number of local people who were attending the show or supplying items for it.

When I spoke with Royce a week ago he claimed to be advertising in 41 national markets. Then in the next moment he was appealing to the locals. Granted you can do both but for some reason that approach didn’t work with Supertwang.

Perhaps it was Royce’s approach. In the first interview he gave the Press in January he said Supertwang was going “to appeal to an audience of age 18 to 35.” Royce promised the festival would be adult oriented with beer sales throughout the festival grounds and musicians with “a true rebel personality.”

At one juncture Royce even told a Press reporter that people “should not bring their children or their grandmother” to Supertwang.

When I arrived on Saturday and noted the low attendance I asked Royce if looking back should he have tried to appeal more to the families.

This question seemed to confuse him. He said he had never told people not to bring their children. Royce then went on about he had cut ticket prices to make the event more affordable to families but none took him up on the offer.

So I have to ask- exactly who did Royce expect to support this shindig? The younger set with more disposable income? Families? Or anyone with $55 and a taste for $3 beer?

I am sorry Supertwang didn’t work out.

If it had it could have meant much needed revenue for our area. Furthermore, had it been an even remote success it would have opened doors to other recreational aspects of the community these visitors may not have known about.

But to say the county didn’t help out is just wrong.

Royce also said the wet weather played a part in the early closing of the festival. Really?

I have one word for that excuse- Woodstock.

If the music is good and a festival is operating like it should- people will dance in the rain.

But here is the concern Campbell County has been left with some public relations work to do. Unless we are out there letting people know the community supported Supertwang, we want them to see us a venue and a destination the black eye won’t belong to just Royce.