Seeing is believing

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By Natasha LaFayette

Citizens who read my story reporting on last Monday night’s LaFollette City Council workshop must have thought I was a liar if they attended the meeting on Tuesday night.

I even began to wonder if I was in the right place as the council handled business, acting responsible and professional.

I asked myself “What are the intentions of those councilmen and mayor, who sit high above the audience?”

The filing of a grievance against the city administrator, the casual meeting between three elected officials with the person who filed the grievance and the long list of items presented to the mayor on how he was overstepping his bounds are a few examples of the council’s recent behavior.

I would bet the large turnout attending the council meeting walked away disappointed, expecting a fight. And I must admit I was a little disappointed, too.

I believe the large turnout had something to do with the proceedings at the workshop prior to the meeting. Not half the people attending Tuesday’s meeting were at the workshop where the tensions were high. I wonder how these meetings will go if the public continues to show an interest.

Would the council be able to give more campaign speeches and boast about themselves like they did on Tuesday?

While I want the council to act appropriately and move the city forward, I simply question their ability to work together for the good. There appear to be many personal agendas, which is obvious by the change in the nepotism policy and the sudden hiring of a person in the front office.