Sheriff’s department uncovers meth lab, charges pending

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By Natasha LaFayette



A meth lab find off of Highway 25 W is still under investigation with arrests pending. A complaint call about a possible prowler behind a residence on South Highway 25 W prompted Deputy Mike Owens to investigate the area Monday morning, said Detective Josh Goins.

“A female victim said she heard people’s voices behind her house in the woods,” said Goins.

When Owens arrived on the scene, he was not able to identify anyone, but heard what was believed to be several people running through the woods nearby, said Goins.

As Owens began walking through the woods, he came across a small trail leading to a meth lab area. Goins was contacted around 2 a.m. and responded to the scene. As Goins and Owens continued walking they found meth making components and several one-pot methods (containers of methamphetamine ingredients) in the process of dissolving, said Goins.

A burn pile was also found in the area where previously used meth making components were burned, Goins continued.

“There was evidence found that could lead to an arrest,” said Goins about the continuing investigation.

Uncovered about 60 yards behind the house, the meth lab was cleaned and cleared.