Shubert says ‘not guilty’ to attempted murder

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By Susan Sharp

   A woman claiming she was going to stop her alleged attacker from hurting other women has wound up in court.

Mary K. Shubert, 44, plead not guilty on Tuesday to attempted first-degree murder and possessing a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony. The charges stem from a Dec. 3, 2011 incident in which it was initially thought Shubert was going to harm herself, according to the arrest report.  Police were notified that a woman had purchased bullets from a LaFollette sporting goods store telling employees she was going to kill herself.

She was discovered sitting in her vehicle in front of the store. When questioned by police Shubert allegedly said her plan was to “kill the man who had raped” her, the arrest report said. A search of the truck revealed the .20 gauge shotgun shells Shubert had just bought.

As police continued to speak with Shubert she revealed her plan. According to her, the man had raped her in the weeks prior and her intent was to go to his home armed with the gun. She then recounted for police that she had “flushed her fish, made arrangements for her dogs and horses and was going to sign away custody of her 8 year old son,” the warrant said.

When authorities interviewed the woman Shubert had left her son with, they learned she had also levied threats of hurting him.

During Tuesday’s hearing Shubert plead not guilty to the charges. She was given a Feb. 27 court date.