So Long ....

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By JE Bolton

This will be my final column for Another View.

It’s a bittersweet moment. I’m not sad, and this isn’t a loss. I feel as though I’ve had a good five year run and have enjoyed going into your homes, places of work, and wherever you might’ve been to wind down.

You might be asking, “J.E., why are you leaving?”

The answer’s quite simple.

As many of you know, I’m a firm believer in God. I believe God’s will is His will, even if we don’t understand it. In my case, I believe for God to open a door in my life, another must close.

Also, He places everyone in times of his or her lives to learn and grow. I’ve done that with my experience with this column, both good and bad, and have had the pleasure of working with such a fine bunch of people as the LaFollette Press staff.

Years ago while in my twenties, I used to sing and teach on television, as well as go around to different churches singing. When God released me from that part of my life’s calling, I mentioned this move to someone. Their response was less than stellar.

“I can’t believe you’d quit on God like that,” this person said.

That was far from the truth.

The truth is God doesn’t keep anyone in one solitary place forever. Some do stay forever, but some don’t. God saw I had something else to do allowed me the privilege of serving Him with words rather than with my voice. It was also then I learned what God taught me. Everyone’s got an opinion about everything, and usually, his or her opinion is wrong.

This type of thinking has pulled me through some of the hardest times of my life. I‘ve encountered some of the most wonderful people God could‘ve ever sent me, my family, dear friends, Gary and Joan McNeely, Joy Edwards Davis, the Dabney family and the congregation of Midway Baptist Church, Rev. Bill and Debbie Wilson, Nancy Green and Autumn, Bob Robbins and family, Kyle Trusty and family, Chris and Sandra, the Ayers family, the precious people I‘ve worked with, and the list of names span on forever.

I’m forever grateful to all of you guys and gals. You’ll never know.  

I’m also grateful for all those who shall remain nameless who attempted to make my life a living hell. Many thanks to you, because it wasn’t for your misuse and ignorance of the word love toward me, I wouldn’t have the strength that’s made me who I am today.

Nonetheless, dear readers, you haven’t heard the last of me. There’s wonderful things about to take place. Also, there’s something else taking place, too. As I depart with these as my closing words, there’s a young person jotting down poems and short stories in his notebook, just as I did many years ago who will soon touch an eager audience of readers from every walk of life with the very words he writes.

Take care, dear hearts. I bid you Godspeed, best wishes, and thanks to those of you who bothered to read the rambling of frivolous mind who’s only just begun.