Sometimes we have to lose to gain

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By JE Bolton

Author, speaker, and reality star from “The Apprentice” Omarosa Manigault Stallworth once said, “In the classroom known as life; no man’s your friend and no man’s your enemy, but every man’s your teacher.”

Do you ever wonder why people come into our lives and eventually leave us?

We don’t understand it, but it happens. It’s that one person you assume will always be there, but leaves when you least expect it. You cry, and kick and maybe even scream. It’s just plain awful, as your heart is ripped out of your chest and kicked to the curb like a football being kicked between the goal post.

Now with that being said, have you ever looked at it as a lesson learned?

The truth is that three percent of people stay in our lives forever, two percent somewhat wither away as a mere acquaintance, and the remaining 95 percent simply come and go.

They have to. Otherwise, what will we ever learn about who we are?

I’ve had people who I thought would be there forever but left for whatever reason. One day, I reminisced on the people who were there and those who left. Once I counted them, the equation always equaled the same. The people who left were always replaced with someone who either treated me the same or were much better than the one before.

Dear readers, you may be going through a breakup, lost a friend who betrayed you, or lost someone at a close, emotional level, and it‘s killing you inside because they‘re not there. Allow me to encourage you that before you know it, that person who’s presence left a void will be replaced by someone who’ll make you happier and eventually wonder why you actually missed the person before him or her.

Always remember that nothing lasts forever, especially people in our lives. They come and go, and we don’t understand it. However, let’s just be grateful they do, because it gives us a good reason to slap on an attitude of gratitude. Our lives may have tarnished track records, but all those tarnished areas make us scholars of life and so much better than we ever were before.