A Special Time Visiting with Family

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Spiritually Speaking

By Pearl Harper

We had a busy enjoyable week July 22 through July 26 with many family members. We had a reunion on July 23. I have written about my dad’s family many times over the years, they are all very special to me. They have chosen the LaFollette area for our gatherings for over 36 years.

My dad, Walter “Dink” Bryant had three sisters and three brothers. They grew up in hard times, but they are some of the most caring people you will ever meet. Dad, Howard, Cooper, and Elizabeth are deceased. Jim, Gladys and Agnes are doing well. For anyone that is 85 years old, 89 years old, and 93 years old, they are really something.

There were around 75 people (more or less) present. One very special cousin who had not been to a reunion for 16 years, because of illnesses and a kidney transplant made the day brighter. There were grandchildren, cousins, nieces, and nephews, from California, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Miami, Fla.

It was quite a turn out considering the economy. Something Bob and I look forward to is the Sunday after the Saturday event. Any come to our house in the afternoon for a late lunch and more visiting. My sister Sue from Charlottesville, Va. and my brother Earl from Wauconda, Ill spent a few days with me. We had a lot of catching up to do.

Although many of them live in many states other than Kentucky and Tennessee, you should see how they remember and still enjoy country cooking. Many brought different items to add to the smorgasbord (a buffet of many different foods). There was a great variety of food. Two of the biggest hits were my large kettle of pinto beans and cornbread muffins and Sue’s three dozen ears of sweet corn on the cob. Donna’s mexican cornbread didn’t last long either. I am almost sure the most enjoyable item of both days were some of the most delicious tomatoes you could ever eat. Brad’s (Cristie’s husband) dad, Bob Utley has supplied us with probably a half-bushel or more of tomatoes for many years, which are thoroughly enjoyed by everyone from all the states! (Thanks Bob)

There were several with four generations represented. It was very meaningful to me to see the younger ones participate and get to know the family. It is a heritage, having hard working, caring, loving people in your life.

Many are Christians and active in a church. My heart’s desire is that they all accept Christ as the personal savior. I believe, if we believe, then we should share this great hope we have. This is the greatest heritage we can pass on to the younger generation. This makes me think of the scripture in II Timothy 1:5, Paul was writing to Timothy regarding his faith; “when I call to remembrance they unfeigned (genuine) faith that is in the, which dwelt first in thy grandmother Lois, and thy mother Eunice; and I am persuaded that in thee also.”

If we have genuine faith and pass it down we can affect many lives. My sister Linda was unable to attend this year but we will get to gather soon and have a delayed reunion. Linda, John, Kim, Hailey and Jay, we love you and missed you. God Bless.