Spiritually Speaking

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By Pearl Harper

Satan has always had a plan


I want to mention again today, as I did last week, that John Hagee asked his church and anyone who would to participate in 40 days of prayer for our nation, Sept. 20 until Oct. 30.

We need divine intervention in our nation!

What we are seeing today did not happen overnight. There has always been sin and deception in the hearts of men, Satan had a plan.

I have mentioned many times how at our nation’s beginnings, the educational part for the children was of great importance to the men on the Mayflower. Shortly before the pilgrims set foot upon this land, they signed the Mayflower Compact. In it they stated they would create schools so their children would be taught the word of God; today it is unlawful for children to read the word of God in the public school systems.

As I understand, the Bible was the first textbook. Then William Holmes McGuffey authored “The New England Primer” and “McGuffey’s Electric Readers”, (which by the way, sold 120 million copies). For many decades these provided the backbone of grammar school education. McGuffey said the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus are not only basic, they were necessary. In our “modern age” McGuffey’s books would be criticized severely.

In the 19th century, state education came into existence. Public schools paid for with tax dollars and state schools took over almost completely, Christian schools were almost nonexistent.

In the 20th century modern progressive education was introduced, sounded good on paper, right? John Dewey at the Columbia Teachers College where teachers were trained started a movement called the “Copernican Revolution.” It meant instead of having God at the center we would have man at the center, and thus humanism became the dominant ideology of the American public school system. To make a long story short, it means man can take care of himself, he don’t need God. Is humanism another word for atheism?

It seems to me man isn’t doing so good managing his own affairs.

Remember in Genesis Chapter 3, the serpent told Eve God didn’t want her to eat the fruit because then she would be as a God. The story hasn’t changed over the centuries. The 19th and 20th centuries certainly was planned and skillful, leading up to this day. Satan was maneuvering, with skillful planned movements. He doesn’t get tired and he doesn’t play fair.

When prayer was taken out of school I didn’t know how it happened until it was over.

Television was at first entertaining and informative, see how sly that was? TV and movies used to have a code of ethics. When they dropped that- well look where we are today.

They glorify sex, drinking, drugs, any kind of immoral lifestyle imaginable.

Judges 21:25, “Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Chaos ruled the earth. Is chaos what we are seeing everywhere now? Sincere prayer is the only thing that can alter America’s future.

God Bless.