Spiritually Speaking

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By Pearl Harper

Is God fading from our nation’s conscience?


It occurred to me recently, if everything in our government or judicial system, that was “pending” or “postponed” came to a head immediately, could we as a nation handle the fall out?

We know in our hearts someday, in His time, God will bring to a halt, all of man’s pre-conceived notions and remind us of His truths.

Something that should get our attention or disturb us is the reason they cannot build big enough jails fast enough- they have to keep expanding or build bigger ones.

Another thing I keep hearing that doesn’t make any sense whatsoever to me, is such remarks as, by letting more beer be sold and opening new liquor stores, it increases our revenue, helps us build roads, new schools…

Nothing is ever said about the broken homes, broken hearts, drunk drivers, abuse, innocent people killed because someone didn’t drink responsibly .

Some seem to lose all their senses and their soundness of mind, when they drink alcoholic beverages. It is as if something or someone else is making their decisions. It disturbs me greatly that it is being made so convenient and promoted so highly.

The following, “New American meanings for old words,” are not mine but I find them very interesting and disturbing. It is altering the very foundations of our nation. When God fades from a nations conscience, one can justify almost anything.

I copied this following terminology from a book I have called, “The Rebirth of America.” This following section asked the question, “Is the Great American Dream turning into a nightmare?”

God says, “Thou shalt not kill.” Americans gave murder a new name and indifferently aborted 1,374,000 unborn babies in 1984 alone.

May try to camouflage sin with new terminology.

God calls it “drunkness” we call it alcoholism- a social disease.”

God calls it “sodomy” we call it homosexuality- gay rights, an alternate lifestyle.”

God calls it “perversion” we call it pornography- adult entertainment.

God calls it “immorality” we call it the new morality.

God calls it “cheating” we call it abnormal social development.

With the dissolving of absolutes America’s crime rates have spiraled. Crimes, robbery and murder happen at an alarming rate. Drug addiction and alcoholism are increasing and moving almost like a plague.

Suicide is the second largest killer of teenagers.

Teenage pregnancies, incest and sexual abuse to a child are in the news every day. When the rape of a child (or anyone) occurs it should be worded as it is; heinous, shocking, evil and savage.

Billy Graham made the remark, if God doesn’t judge America He will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sadly, so many choose to follow lifestyles or decisions that reject the love of a merciful God. When they reject or walk away, soon there is nothing wrong in their eyes. It does matter how we live.

God Bless.