Spiritually Speaking for week of January 12, 2012

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By Pearl Harper

  Spiritually Speaking

Pearl Harper

What is Closest To Your Heart


A.W. Tozer said, “The things that are closest to our hearts are the things we talk about, and if God is close to your heart, you will talk about him.”

Quite a provoking thought.

Somehow over the years without fully realizing the effect or impression I was able to have on some very important people in my life, God was leading and helping me.

Not only was I able to teach my children about God and his love, I had many opportunities over the years to teach the wonderful Bible stories in Sunday School and vacation Bible school. I believe them with all my heart and I was privileged to pass them on. I still believe them, more than ever.

I have mentioned before, you would be amazed as you spent time with children what they can learn from your conversations. I never had a plan in the beginning but I honestly love children, all ages. Right now I am referring to mostly my children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, many “adopted” ones, not literally, but from the heart.

As I mentioned I never had a plan, but I realized over the course of time there was one in motion. With my visiting grandchildren or nieces and nephews there was always time for card games or board games. We talked and laughed about many things, but without being boring or pushy, I used every opportunity to talk about what was close to my heart. Letting them know that the most important part of life was knowing and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

In our younger days Bob and I even played softball, badminton, horseshoes, and he played basketball with them.

During a fall break many years ago one of my nephews was here from our of town- one of the local churches had the movie “Burning Hell.” After seeing it, my nephew asked me if hell would be that bad. I told him I had not seen the movie, but I did not believe anyone could portray the harsh reality on film.

Another nephew who I was privileged to spend time with during the summer and Christmas break,; took a book I had, I think he was 12 or a little older, went out and sat in the car and read himself under conviction. The name of the book, “How Shalt We Neglect Such Great Salvation.”

As I was looking over what I had just written it occurred to me that I mentioned how we have opportunities to teach children, but I failed to mention what we, if we take the time, can learn from children.

When Christ was asked by the disciples, who is greater in the kingdom of heaven? Jesus called a child and set him in the midst of them and the said, “Verily I say unto you, except ye by converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18:1-6. Jesus added, "We must be humble as a child."

Children are wonderful little creatures (God’s creation) for the most part they are honest, sincere and so easy to forgive.

Usually they copy or imitate what they see or hear. I believe we had better teach them and follow through ourselves with meaningful things. That brings me back to the thought, “the things that are closest to our heart is what we talk about.”

My prayer is that I don’t miss an opportunity to tell others about God. God Bless.