Spiritually Speaking for week of July 19, 2012

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By Pearl Harper

Enjoying Family Gatherings

We had a wonderful Fourth of July with family and friends. I don’t know how it is with your family, but everyone is so busy it is almost impossible for family gatherings. I think it is real important if possible to keep close family ties.
I made up my mind a long time ago that just getting together on sad occasions wasn’t enough. I think our home has always been a place to come home to for much of our family. The main reason is because it is Bob’s and my nature to invite them; they are very welcome and I think they know it.
Like most people these days, our family is scattered across the nation. One of my sisters lives in Charlottesville, Va., the other in Detroit, Mich. and my brother lives near Chicago, Ill. I have one brother who is deceased.
I have cousins in California, Arizona, Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia, South Carolina, Florida, Tennessee. Also I have family in West Virginia and North Carolina. I mentioned the states because once a year for out 30 years, they have selected our beautiful area for our family reunion. And the turn out is amazing. We will be having one soon and I am really looking forward to it.
Again, I repeat, there was much hilarity at our house the 4th. It is a good time, most all of them love the Lord, and our humor is clean and contagious. I think our children and the cousins love to tell funny stories about each other, and I love to listen.
The day after the 4th, I spent most of the day recuperating. At my age, you are allowed to do that. Thursday evening, I left home to do some errands. While I was at a friend’s place of business for a visit, we had a sudden, quick storm. I called Bob to see how the weather was, and he informed me that a tree had blown across the road, and I couldn’t get home until he cut it and moved it. Needless to say, I stayed put until he called.
How sudden things can change. From a quiet, hot day, to being in the midst of a storm.
The next day I had to go to Knoxville, and as I drove out our lane toward LaFollette and Jacksboro, I was amazed at all the trees that had fallen and branches everywhere that had broken out of trees. There was debris everywhere. It was like a whirlwind had went through our area. Something else that was blown out or crippled was so many of the political signs.
We were reminded of the days without air condition. Aren’t we spoiled? Our power was out about 21 hours, but we are from the old school, we know how to make do. The storm did cool the air, and we were comfortable. I used to fix breakfast on a Coleman stove when our power was out, now I put a cookie sheet on or grill. You would be surprised how well bacon, eggs and toast taste, especially since there’s nothing else going on and that is the center of activity.
I have to get serious now, what would we do if we had a deadly storm and our power was out indefinitely? Our water supply is gone? Some things we thought to be important would seem all of a sudden unimportant. As Christians, we would do what we always do, “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart…” Prov. 3:5. If you are not depending on the Lord then it would seem you are on your on. I don’t know about you but I had rather have a promise then to trust my abilities. Psalm 34:22; The Lord redeemeth the soul of his servants: and none of them that trust in Him shall be desolate.”
God Bless