Spiritually Speaking for week of March 29, 2012

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By Pearl Harper

Spiritually Speaking
Pearl Harper
What do we condone or disregard?

 Do you ever get mail that is confusing? In December I received a bill from a credit card that said I owed a certain amount of money. It was to say the least, confusing, because we did not have a credit card from this company. I was to send a certain amount of money by a certain date. I wrote them back trying to figure out what was going on.
Their answer back to me was even more confusing. They let me know they had canceled my card (I had never had) and they credited my account (that I never had) with the annual membership fee and late payment fee. These credits will occur on your next upcoming billing statement. Then they thanked me for my card membership, which I never had.
In January they closed out my account, sent me this two- page print out where they had credited my account. My new balance was zero, the minimum payment due was zero and they sent a payment due coupon with the new balance zero. It is ridiculously funny on the other hand and it is a clever plot of ploy to entrap.
It might seem strange to start an article as I have but I believe we should all be made aware there is a word we see and hear often now it is becoming an integral part of our society, it is called falsehood, lack of conformity to truth.
Proverbs 11:1, “A false balance (weight) is abomination to the Lord, but a just weight is his delight.”
Just weight is mentioned three times in the old testament. The weights were stone and they had to be correct not to small to create and unjust weight. I have mentioned many times the thing that is happening in our food industry now. We are paying the same price for out merchandise but the weight or volume has shrunk. Hopefully we won’t have to pay five dollars a gallon for gas, which is unreasonable, what if it starts being three quarts instead of four? Sounds ridiculous but who would have thought we would see what we are experiencing now?
There are several things in our society that are very alarming, one I just mentioned. Another is the fact as a nation (world) we are being saturated with alcohol being promoted on every hand.
Tobacco was and is bad, and I am glad restrictions have been put on it. But, how do we rationalize promoting and selling alcohol? Where does the self- satisfying reasoning come from? Something someone will have to explain to me, how does the benefits from tax revenue benefit anyone because I dare say more is spent on drunk drivers, lives messed up and the heartache! The pictures, movies, videos, depicting the happy careful lifestyle of the ones partaking doesn’t show the real picture. The broken homes, broken marriages, broken families, the death of a loved one or friend killed by a drunk driver.
I am not naïve, alcohol has always been around in one form or another but it used to be taboo, now it is glorified. The commercials push its exuberance to the limit.
Some will drink no matter what but when did we think it was okay to condone it? The word condone is interesting – to overlook forgive or disregard without protest or censure.
In proverbs 20:1 we read, “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.”
Dakes commentary, “Wine mocks its victims and drink makes them wild and boisterous. Whosoever submits to its sense, destroying powers is senseless.”
There are two other things we are seeing more and more frequently. One is the almost nude clothing styles being promoted today. No matter what your size or age you are supposed to fit into these garments.
It makes for some very unpleasant looking sights sometimes!
It is especially sad to me because of the youth, they want to be in style. In 1 Timothy 2:9 we read that we are supposed to dress modestly. One thing that means is to be covered.
Another thing that disturbs me greatly is the effortless fluent use of offensive language. Paul wrote to the Cor. Church 1 Corinthians 15:33, “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.” As with alcohol we are also being saturated with filth on T.V., movies, etc. and it is spilling over into our everyday language. Crude indecent language does not impress me. What do we condone or censure- what do we allow?
God bless.