Spiritually Speaking for week of May 31, 2012

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By Pearl Harper

Spiritually Speaking
Pearl Harper
Remembering Graduation and Strawberries

Many memories come to my mind this time of year about graduation and strawberries. To let you know what I am referring to we moved out in the country in April 1973. The next year May 1974 we had a wonderful crop of strawberries. Bob had planted them the previous year.
Our son Gary graduated that year and he loved strawberries. I would make a sponge cake have a bowl of sliced sweetened strawberries in the refrigerator, plenty of cool whip or ice cream available, I don’t think I would be exaggerating if I said he ate some two or three times a day.
The year of 1974 brings back a lot of memories. Gary was graduating and about three weeks after graduating his present was different than most- he got a baby sister. For some who may not know the rest of that story I also had a young teen- age baby sitter, my daughter Donna. We probably would never had planned it but we can’t imagine life without Christie. Later she married Brad and we are thoroughly enjoying their three children, Carson, Camryn Lynn and Carter.
Now Donna wasn’t a threat to Gary concerning the strawberries. She is one of the few in the family who doesn’t like them. I wasn’t working at the time and I had extra time on my hands. I started making freezer strawberry jelly and shared some with my friends. I soon had a thriving business until the strawberries ran out. I made and sold cases for people to put in their freezer. The timing for that was good too. Remember I said I wasn’t working. The company Bob worked for stopped overtime and put him on salary it sure came in handy with all the graduation expenses.
A lot of years has passed since then. Donna graduated in 1978 and Christie in 1992.
More about the strawberries. We had a good crop this year but I don’t sale them anymore. With three children and their spouses, nine grandchildren, four of them married I don’t have any to sale…..if the Lord tarries I may get to find out if my three great grandsons like strawberries.
I fixed dinner this past Sunday for my children and some of their children were here, they polished off two strawberry shortcakes. I am the happiest when I am able to cook for my family and friends.
I am happy to get to share about our family but you know why it is important to me. I can write about good times, and I can tell you that with the help of Christ to depend on we have had some trials, but he always comes through if we look to him and trust him.
I almost forgot to brag on our berry picker. Bob broke his right arm four weeks ago, he picked all of those berries with his left hand. Like many of us Bob can rest and relax with the best but in our many years together I can tell you there is no a lazy bone in his body.
Again I mention I can write about good times we have had many but I could write much about times when our enemy was trying to separate and destroy all of our lives. He’s good at that he never gets tired. Our hope lies in someone who has all power, Jesus Christ. Hope you had a wonderful safe Memorial Day with family and friends.
God bless.