St. Mary’s wins Top 100 award

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By Natasha LaFayette



For the second year, St. Mary’s of Campbell County has been named a Top 100 Hospital. This prestigious award, given to only 100 hospitals in the nation, is also a prerequisite for a new award given to St. Mary’s, the Everest Award.

St. Mary’s CEO Allan Watson was overcome by the honor of winning both awards and spoke of the hard work of all the physicians and hospital associates.

“We are extremely excited about winning the Top 100 and Everest Awards,” said Watson. “This confirms our commitment to providing quality patient care to the citizens of Campbell County.”

 The Everest Award is given to hospital leaders who develop and execute improvement strategies for five consecutive years. Only 23 hospitals were chosen for the award. Among the winners of the Everest Award are Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville and Duke University in North Carolina.

“Being ranked for quality with hospitals like Duke University and Vanderbilt is just amazing,” said Watson.

Of the 23 candidates, four hospitals were from Tennessee.

Both Jefferson Memorial and St. Mary’s, Mercy Health Partner hospitals, were chosen for the award.

“This is only possible through the dedication of our physicians, associates, board of directors and volunteers,” said Watson.

Criteria for the Everest Award includes performing in the top 10 percent of hospital standards, setting new standards, having a committed leadership team and well balanced clinical and business performance.

Though the Thomas Reuters Foundation will not be holding an annual awards ceremony, Watson said he plans on hosting a hospital celebration later this month to congratulate the staff.

“We want to thank the community for supporting St. Mary’s,” said Watson. “We look forward to continually providing quality patient care.”