Stalking charges filed against Sparks

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By Susan Sharp

A 34- year-old Jacksboro man is facing two counts of stalking for his alleged actions towards an underage female.

Darby Sparks, 148 Park Place Rd, was arrested last week by Caryville Police on the charges.

The young girl told police her first run in with Sparks occurred in late January as she left work, the arrest warrant said. On this occasion, he is alleged to have trailed her until she got home.

On Jan. 24, the girl received a threatening phone call. The man told her he had watched her at a sporting event and knew she was alone at the moment, Officer James Wilson’s report of Sparks’ arrest said.

The man then told the girl he “would slit her throat,” according to the arrest warrant.

On Feb. 9, the same silver Honda that had followed her home, was once again behind the young girl in traffic. Following her very closely, the man changed lanes each time the girl did, Wilson said in his report.

The girl and mother were able to direct Caryville Police Officers to a location the silver Honda was at. After obtaining registration information on the car and a photo of Sparks, police showed the girl his picture. It was at this point Sparks was identified as the man who had been in the Honda, the arrest report said.

Sparks is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 27.