Summit Medical to host classes for senior citizens

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Summit Medical Group is offering free congestive heart failure and diabetes classes to its patients.
Registered nurses and registered dieticians from the Health Education Department will teach the classes, Health Education Manager Suzanne Kieltyka said.
“The primary goal is to facilitate learning of self-management skills to guide the patient in the formulation of action-oriented goals and collaborate with the healthcare team to promote patient involvement and optimal care,” Kieltyka said. “They (the classes) are informational. All of our classes are just educational.”
The congestive heart failure class is always the same, Kieltyka said. Patients are referred to the class, and then receive a follow up call.
Those referred to take the diabetes class will attend an initial class and a follow up class after three months, Kieltyka said.
The Health Education Department is preparing to start a Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease class. Those who attend the one COPD class will receive a follow up call after a month, Kieltyka said.
“All of our classes run an hour and a half to two hours long,” Kieltyka said.
Classes will be held at the Campbell County Senior Citizens Center. A congestive heart failure class was held Feb. 12, and a diabetes class will be held Tuesday at 2 p.m. These are the first two classes, Kieltyka said.
Classes are scheduled for every month, and Kieltyka hopes to have class every month. However, classes may not be held if not enough patients are referred.
“And we are holding them as we have volume,” Kieltyka said. “We will have them once a month if enough patients are referred.”
There are two physicians at Summit Medical Group in Campbell County, Dr. Burdeaux and Dr. Isham, who will refer patients. Tanya Gallow, a registered nurse with Summit Medical Group, can also refer patients. Patients can even schedule themselves for classes.
About a week prior to the time of each class, the Health Education Department will call to find out if enough are scheduled. There needs to be about seven people referred for the class to be held, Kieltyka said. If patients have questions about whether or not classes will be held, they can contact the Health Education Department at (865) 212-2281.