Suspect arrested in Jellico High School bomb threat case

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By Beth Braden

Police now know who scrawled a bomb threat on a bathroom wall at Jellico High School on Jan. 28.

The suspect is a 15-year-old female student who reportedly wanted to get out of school.

The student was allegedly skipping her auto body class and hiding in the restroom when she remembered hearing that bomb threats cause school to be cancelled, according to Campbell County Sheriff’s Department Capt. Brandon Elkins.

The student scrawled “ The bomb will go off Jan. 28 at 1 p.m. get out or die,” in pencil, several times in a bathroom stall, according to police.

The suspect allegedly told her friends who in turn notified JHS principal, Harry Chitwood. It was then that students were evacuated from the building and police descended upon the scene.

Police asked the student for a handwriting sample, and she turned bright red, begin to cry, and confessed within a minute of being questioned, Elkins said.

The girl got “very emotional” and “repeatedly apologized” according to police.

The student has no prior criminal history. She was charged with filing a false bomb threat, a criminal charge punishable by as little as probation or as much as being placed in state custody. She will appear in Campbell County’s juvenile court at a later date.