Take time to be a kid

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By JE Bolton

I sit at my laptop trying to churn out yet another story for my column. I want to write something that will make the reader feel better about the world they live in; something that reflects the softer and kinder side of life that they‘ve never known before.

I stare at the monitor and come up with absolutely nothing.

One hour passes, two hours pass, three hours come and go, but I’m stuck with nothing but sheer writer’s block.

Good grief! I’ve got my deadline to meet and everything. I don’t need this right now. Maybe I just need to stretch my legs.

Yes, that’s it. Perhaps, I’ll go into the kitchen and make myself some tea. I’ll watch it snow while the water’s boiling.

Man, all this snow’s beautiful! How it hangs from the trees and housetops like old lace. The sky’s a perfect and cloudless silver, just like a Christmas ornament. Aside from a field of green and wildflowers, snowy weather’s the only time of the year when God really looks down at the snow covered hills of the Appalachia, and smiles.

All this snow makes me want to go sledding, build a snowman, or make fresh snow cream. Forget the tea; that’s for grown-ups. I’ll go back about 25 years and make hot cocoa with melted peanut butter cups in it. Then, I’ll sit in my recliner, snuggle in my Snuggie, and watch every Christmas movie they’ve ever made; just like I did when I was a kid.

Hmm…when I was a kid…

I might’ve not known what to write for my dear readers, but I sure did have fun doing all those things today. You know, for a moment there, I felt like a kid again, despite the crazy and insane demands of the adult life. Then again, why did it take me, feeling forced, to do all those wonderful things before I actually did them? I suppose that goes along with being a grown-up, especially a lowly columnist with a vivid imagination and an emotional time machine.

Oh, well, I’ll just grow up again, retire back to my desk, and hopefully come up with something to write about.