Tax and Spend: A Tale of Barack Obama’s First 100 Days

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By Josh Parker

Happy 100 days of President Barack Obama.

In case you missed it, Obama and the Liberal, mainstream media celebrated the 100th day of the Obama administration last week.  It was met by all sorts of hoopla and fanfare from the major news networks and national newspapers. Pundits were buzzing about it all day on the cable news shows. Forget the fact that America had lost another 600,000 jobs the month before, it was Obama’s 100th day in the Oval Office, and nothing was going to rain on his parade. So I think it is fitting to examine President Obama’s first 100 days and see if it gives us a glimpse of what the next three and half years have to offer.  As teachers do in school, I felt like it would be appropriate to grade Obama in two areas of his young presidency, the economy and foreign policy, and an overall grade.  

The first 100 days have been heavy on economic issues. Obama and his team are determined to spend their way out of this current recession. Not only did Obama successfully get his economic stimulus bill passed through the Democrat Congress, at a price tag of $787 Billion dollars, but he also pushed through a bill that funded government agencies through at a cost of $410 billion dollars. Those two bills alone increased spending by the federal government over $1 trillion dollars. Obama also adopted the policy of shutting out Republicans from the discussions of the Economic decisions adopted by Congress.

Of course, my Democrat friends would say this money had to be spent because of George W. Bush. I then remind my Democrat friends that George W. Bush is not the president anymore, and it’s hard for him to be the cause of anything living in Dallas, Texas right now. He’s not the guy making trillion dollar decisions. Economic conservatives like me were disappointed with many of the Bush policies however; the new administration of ‘change’ has already outspent the previous administration. In 100 days of his presidency, Obama has expanded the federal deficit more than George W. Bush did in eight year.  Economic grade for Obama: D.

There have been some major foreign policy and national security issues that have also come up in the early stages of Obama’s Presidency. North Korea launched a long range missile, the Taliban are within 60 miles of the Pakistani capital, Iran continues to build a nuclear weapon, and pirates capturing and hijacking ships off the Somali coast have all been major events early on in Obama’s presidency.

The North Korean missile launch wasn’t really that much of a surprise. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with Obama’s approach to Taliban elements that are attempting to create instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan. President Obama has not ruled out cross border attacks on the Taliban. I applaud him for that practice, a practice that President Bush started.  As to the piracy issue, I give Obama mild praise. I thought we should have been more aggressive earlier on when the pirates hijacked and held the American Captain hostage.

However, Obama did give the order to take out the pirates. Our Navy Seals, as always, did a flawless and excellent job of taking out the pirates. However, I still believe Obama is being soft on Iran and their continued push for a nuclear weapon. I also disagree with President Obama’s stance on Cuba and his position on Guantanamo Bay. On foreign policy, I would give President Obama a C-.

Overall, Obama gets a D+ from me.  He’s had a free pass from the mainstream media on tough decisions, and he’s got a rubber stamp Congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Lincoln Davis. They will continue to give Obama everything he wants. The problem is, what Obama wants isn’t necessarily what America needs.  

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